What Is The Difference Between The Nutrsiystem Snacks Or Desserts

Many people who are researching nutrisystem notice that there are snacks and desserts built into the plan.  If you look on the nutrisystem site, you will notice that the desserts and snacks are on the same page of the website.  People often wonder if this means that they are interchangeable and if not, which you should choose more of as part of your package?  This article will try to address these concerns, but please note that I’m not a nutrisystem counselor.  Please reach out to one if you have any doubt.   This is just my own interpretation from reading the literature.

From what I am reading, every day on nutrisystem has two snacks and one dessert built in.  Basically, you’re supposed to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack as well as a dessert with dinner.  Since most packages don’t come with enough snacks for you to have a nutrisystem snack all of the time, most people will use add on groceries for their snacks.  Meaning they will perhaps have a piece of fruit, a serving of vegetables, or a little protein or carbs.  For example, a good snack might be an apple with low fat peanut butter, a cup of cottage cheese, or perhaps yogurt.  (Nutrisystem sends you guidelines about your add in groceries, so you won’t have to guess about how to add in snacks.) However, some of the packages do come with some prepackaged diet snacks and you can use these for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

And any desserts that come with your package can be used for your dinner dessert.  If you look on the nutrisystem website, you’ll also see that the snacks and desserts are very similar in terms of calories and fats, so in that sense I do not see why you can’t use them interchangeably if you’d like.  For example, you can see for yourself that both the chocolate covered pretzels (dessert) and popcorn (snack) have 130 calories and 6 grams of fat.  They’re virtually identical in terms of what they would add to your daily calories and fat.  The same is true of the cheese puffs (snack) and the peanut butter cookie (dessert.)

Here’s another consideration.  Many of nutrisystem’s very popular quick-start packages (like lean 13) come with shakes and bars instead of snacks and desserts.  In that case, they should most definitely be interchangeable.  The company does a good job of sending very good documentation with your package that makes what you can eat (and when) very easy to understand.  They try to give you a lot of flexibility.  Depending on your mood and how much nutrisystem food you have left, you can either add in your own safe foods (in specific portion sizes, which the directions will state) or the food that came with your package.  Either way, the company will give you a lot of information about what to use and when.  If it’s still not clear, you only have to reach out to a counselor and they can likely quickly explain it to you.  It’s easy to do on the nutrisystem website.  Here is the latest special (and where you can talk to a counselor.) Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

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