What Is The Cost Of Nutrisystem Per Day?

NOTE:  This article was written a while ago so the promotions mentioned are expired.  The latest promotions are to your right.  by ava alderman:  I get a lot of questions about the monthly cost of nutrisystem.  But, a good deal of people are smart enough to look at the daily costs also.  After all, many know that the basic concepts of saving money or couponing is looking at the cost per unit.  And in this case of nutrisystem, the unit that makes the most sense is a day or twenty four hour window of time.   If you’re going to be on this diet as designed, you’ll be eating five of the plan’s prepackaged meals each day.  The cost of each of these days is going to depend on which package you chose and what specials are running for that package at the time.  In the following article, I’ll take a look at some of the daily costs of some of nutrisystem’s most popular packages.

How Much Is Nutrisystem’s Basic Women Or Men’s Programs Per Day?: Before I go into the price, I have to tell you that for the purposes of this article, I’m going to consider the regular, the vegetarian, the silver, and the diabetic plans as “basic” since they all costs the same.  Now, the monthly costs of these plans varies depending upon what special is going on at the time.  For example, right now they are having a 1/2 price or half off sale so actually, if you go with auto ship, the monthly price is around $166 which puts the daily price at a shocking $5 per day (which is pretty unbelievable considering that there are five meals.  There’s a coupon for the half off sale on the right side of this blog – if it’s still going.  I always keep the most current specials on this blog.)

Now, they don’t normally have the half off sale going all of the time.  (In fact, this is the first time I ever remember them offering this.)  Most of the time, the price of the basic packages is anywhere from $299 to around $320 depending on the specials running at the time.  However, there are generally always coupons available.  Without coupons, you’re usually looking at around $10 per day (or $2 per meal.)  With coupons, you’re looking at around $8 per day, (unless there’s an awesome special running.)  This is less than $2 per meal which is less than most diets from my own experience.

The Daily Cost Of The Nutrisystem Flex Plan: It’s probably no secret that the flex plan is the cheapest nutrisystem plan.  However, that’s because you’re taking two days off per week and therefore paying for less food.  The flex program goes on sale from time to time also.  But when it’s not, you’re looking at anywhere from $230 – $260 for a month’s worth of that plan without coupons.   And, since you’re paying for around 20 days of food rather than the entire month (because of the days that you are taking off,) you’re looking at around $10 -11 per day without coupons and around $8 per day with them.  Many people are surprised that although the out of pocket cost of the flex plan is less (except for when the rest of the plans are half off,) the cost per meal or per day is often a little bit more.  However, if you consider that most things cost less when you buy them in bulk, then this begins to make more sense.  (Below is a coupon that often runs for the flex plan.)

Introducing NutriSystem Flex™, the program that gives you weekends off while still losing weight for $8 a day

The Cost Of The Nutrisystem Select Line Per Day: Last up is nutrisystem’s select line.  This package has become extremely popular because it includes gourmet, frozen foods like ice cream, paninis, grilled shrimp and turkey, and other restaurant quality food. Sure, it’s a little more expensive.  But many people will enthusiastically tell you that it’s more than worth it.   Right now, because it is on sale, the select line is around $10 per day because the sale price is $299 per month.   When its’ not on sale, you’re generally looking at around $360 – $380, or around $12 per day.  Yes, this is more expensive than the other plans, but it also includes some very good premium foods.

Here’s the coupon that often runs for the select line:

For a limited time, you can get our gourmet food at our lowest price ever.

So, to answer the question asked, the cost of nutrisystem per day ranges anywhere from around $5 to $11 per day, depending on the package, the sale running, and the coupons used.  When you consider that you are eating five times per day for less than some of us spend on a lunch out, this doesn’t look too bad.

As I said, I always keep the latest coupons on this site, but if you’d like the see coupons as well as a review and tips, hints and support (in the form of a free nutrisystem ebook, you can check out http://celebrity-diet-review.com/

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