The Tastiest Nutrisystem Foods (Both Select And Regular Basic)

Choosing the tastiest foods on the Nutrisystem diet is one of the most common topics that I’m asked about. Before people spend the money on this diet and its foods, they want to make sure that the meals which they order are actually going to taste good. No one wants boxes of uneaten diet food laying around. So in the following article, I’ll tell you what I think are some of the tastiest Nutrisystem foods (both on the select and basic lines) that many people enjoy and are happy with.

The Nutrisystem Select Line Contains Some Of The Tastiest Foods. Here’s Examples Are Some Of The Best: It’s probably not surprising that some of the best tasting foods come from the “select” line which consists of frozen meals but costs a little more. Some of the foods in this line are among the highest ranking among users and dieters. Below, I’ll take a look at what I think are the nicest selections from each meal from the frozen line. (I’ll also tell you what’s good from the regular, basic menu a little later.)

For breakfast, I like the ham and cheese omelet and the french toast. The garden vegetable omelet is a good idea in theory and it’s not bad, but the ham and cheese is better.

For lunch, the standouts for me on the select line are the margherita and roasted vegetable pizzas. Both of these have nearly five star ratings. And both contain more cheese and flavor than you might suspect. Other stand outs for lunch are the melts (the meatball and the steak and cheese are standouts.) The ham and cheese melt is highly rated, but I don’t like it quite as much as the other two.

For dinner, my choices would be the spinach and cheese stuffed shells and the ravioli formaggio, both of which are rated almost five stars. The chicken enchilada and the glazed turkey are also very good. As of now, no one has rated the sweet and sour chicken from the select line, but I find it quite good.

It’s really hard to mess up dessert, but desserts also lend themselves to frozen foods. One of the best desserts on the Nutrisystem menu are any of the ice cream sundaes. Probably the highest rated dessert is the fudge bar and I certainly don’t disagree with this. It’s outstanding.

There Are Some Very Tasty Nutrisystem Choices From The Basic Line. Here’s Some Examples: Sometimes, people tell me that they although they’re sure that the gourmet or “select” entrees are good, they don’t want to pay the extra money for them. (The frozen foods sometimes cost a little more, although they’re sometimes on sale.) There are some very yummy foods on the regular basic plan (that is among the cheapest in the line up.) Here’s some examples.

For breakfast, all of the pancakes are rated at almost five stars and are absolutely delicious. The chocolate muffin is a fan favorite for a reason. The cereals are always favorites and most are ranked above four stars. The granola cereal is my favorite followed by the frosted crunch. The scones are also very popular. The chocolate chip scone is very good and many people like the apple streusel variety also.

Popular choices for lunch on the basic menu are black beans and rice, the turkey hot dog, the sausage and rice, the chicken and noodles, and the chicken Caesar salad. All of these are rated at 4 stars or better. Now onto dinner.

Some of the highest rated dinner choices off of the basic menu are: the mushroom risotto; the hamburger patty; the vegetable lasagna; the pizzas (the turkey pepperoni and the flat bread;) the chili; and the bar b que beef.

Nutrisystem basic dessert and snacks offer many nice options including: biscottis; lemon flavored bars; cakes (carrot, chocolate, etc.;) the chocolate mint patty; any of the candy bars; the cheese puffs; any of the cookies; and any of the desserts with “fudge” in the title.

Hopefully this article has shown you that there are plenty of tasty options on the Nutrisystem menu (and that is true whether you opt for the select menu or not.) Since both of these plans have packages, both offer decent coupons to bring the cost down. So the select line doesn’t always work out to cost that much more.

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