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What Is Nutrisystem My Way? And Fast Five (5) Free? What Do You Get Free?

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

By: Ava Alderman: If you’ve been on the nutrisystem web site lately, you’ve probably noticed that they have completely redone the home page and are introducing something new called “nutrisystem my way.” For some, it is not clear what this entails.

In addition to offering a lot of freebies (more on that in just a bit,) one of the main goals of this is to aggressively lose weight quickly has studies show that quick success is a key determination in weight loss success.   To help you reach this goal, Nutrisystem has recently introduced 150 new foods and it also has bumped up the personalization of the plans. When you’re trying to decide which plan would be best for your goals, you’re offered a pretty extensive quiz (it’s free) where you enter in information about yourself (starting height and weight, activity level, food preferences,) and weight loss goals.) The program will then analyze your results, tell you your BMI, let you know how many daily calories it would take to both support your body and help you meet your goals.  It will also suggest a personalized plan for you –  along with tips in order to have the most stress free success. I took the quiz myself and found it to be pretty informative.

Now, onto the freebies. So in addition to helping you pick your ideal plan and offering you over 150 new foods, the “my way” plan also includes five free incentives in order to help you lose weight quickly right out of the gate. These free items are designed to help you attempt to lose five pounds in the first week. You get: seven hand picked breakfasts, lunches, and dinners meant to boost metabolism; seven energizing shakes (which contain caffeine and green tea) and are meant to rev your metabolism; seven craving control shakes meant to curb hunger by giving you extra fiber and protein; and a progress tracker. These are all included free.  And they offer a money back guarantee if you do not lose those five pounds.

I think that, of all of these, the shakes are going to make people most excited. Most of the time, you have to order the very popular shakes separately. Many people are willing to do this because the shakes are quite good and they are very filling. The last time that I can remember the shakes being included in a plan for free was when the company introduced the select line. So, the shakes are rarely included and this is a great opportunity to get them for free. In order to qualify for these freebies, you will want to sign up for auto delivery which can be canceled if you change your mind.

In addition to all of this, the plans are priced aggressively, starting at $229 for the least expensive women’s basic plan, going up to $269 for the core (where you can chose your own foods;) and topping out at $319 for the select (where gourmet frozen foods are included.)  Here is the link to the specials. Jump-start your weight loss with the ALL-NEW FAST 5? – ??FREE with Nutrisystem My Way program!