Comparing Nutrisystem And Lean Cuisine Meals: Why They Aren’t The Same In Terms Of Effectiveness And Price

I sometimes hear from people who want to know if lean cuisine is the same thing as nutrisystem.  I often hear comments like “if nutrisystem and lean cuisine is really the same thing, what’s to stop me from just buying lean cuisine at the grocery store and paying less?” Or “is lean cuisine just the grocery store version of nutrisystem?”

The thing is, these are very different companies and very different foods.  In my opinion, lean cuisine isn’t the same as or even remotely as effective as nutrisystem.  (And it also isn’t any cheaper.)

But you don’t have to and shouldn’t take my word for it.  In the following article, I’ll offer some comparisons between lean cuisine and nutrisystem in terms of nutrition, effectiveness, and price to show you that they really are very different.

Differences Between Nutrisystem And Lean Cuisine’s Effectiveness In Terms Of Calories And Carbs:  First of all, if you were to try to duplicate nutrisystem, you’d have to replace five of your daily meals with lean cuisine.  This would be difficult for breakfast, desserts and snacks since lean cuisine mostly offers lunch and dinner entrees.

But within those lunches and dinners, there’s a huge difference in the meals in terms of calories, fat, carbs, and proteins (particularly calories and carbs)  and these things can really affect the results that you get.

As an example, I’ll look at both of these diets’ chicken fettuccine and chicken Alfredo dishes respectively.

First up, is Lean Cuisine’s chicken fettuccine.  It has 330 calories and a whopping 42 grams of carbohydrates.  It is rated 3 stars by it’s users.

Now, let’s look at nutrisystem’s chicken Alfredo.  It only has 260 calories and only 32 grams of carbs. It’s rated almost 4 stars by users.  So, if you eat the nutrisystem option, you are saving 70 calories (almost a third) and 10 grams of carbs (again almost a third.)  This is pretty significant, especially when you consider that you’ll see these types of differences with each of your five meals.

Now, I’ll look at the chicken quesadillas for both diet meals.  Lean cuisine’s baja chicken quesadilla has 280 calories and 35 grams of carbohydrates.  It’s rated about 4 stars by users.  Nutrisystem’s chicken quesadilla has only 220 calories and 35 carbs.  It was also rated 4 stars by dieters. So, you are saving 60 calories on two foods that are very similar.  (Again, this is approaching a third.)

This might not seem huge for one meal, but if you have that kind of savings over 5 meals, you’re looking at 300 calories per day, which is significant. 300 calories is really enough for an entire extra meal.

Over a weeks’ time, this is around 2100 calories, which could truly make quite a difference in your results and in your bottom line.

Is There Really That Big Of A Price Difference Between Lean Cuisine And Nutrisystem:  A lot of people ask about lean cuisine because they want nutrisystem like results that they can get at the grocery store.  They think they are saving a lot of money this way.  Well, many lean cuisine meals (at least in my grocery store) cost anywhere from $2.79 to $3.00 each.

And actually, if you buy a package and use the latest nutrisystem coupons, (like this one you can get nutrisystem for significantly less than that – at around $2 per meal.  So not only are you taking in more calories and usually more carbs with lean cuisine, but you aren’t saving any money. In fact, if you consider coupons, you’re paying a little more  if you’re using cost per meal. Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!


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