I’m Worried That Nutrsiystem’s Flex Meals Will Either Mess Us My Results Or Make Me Want To Cheat

In theory, you’d think that the idea of having flex meals or “off diet” meals on any diet would be very attractive.  When you’re talking about the nutrisystem diet, flex meals are healthy meals that you prepare on your own.  You don’t have to eat what the diet provides when you are eating flex meals.  Depending on your plan, nutrisystem lets you eat a variety of your meals “off the diet.”  Many people understandably look forward to this.  Who doesn’t want to have a break once in while?  However, with the anticipation can become the worry.  What if getting used to going “off diet” makes you want to cheat?  Or what if it messes up your weight loss?

Someone might say, “I’ve had a huge amount of success on my turbo take off week on nutrisystem.  I lost more weight than I anticipated and I felt great.  But now I’m on week two and it’s my understanding that I will be adding in ‘flex meals.’  Frankly, I’m afraid of this.  I’ve been doing so well.  I don’t want to slow down my weight loss.  I don’t want to be tempted to cheat.  I have friends who look forward to flex meals, but I actually don’t.  I worry about cravings.”

I understand your concern, but honestly, the idea behind the flex meals is pretty sound.  Nutrisystem has built the flex meals into the calorie content of the diet, so as long as you follow the instructions and make decent choices, you should not notice any negative affects on your results.  If you do feel the desire to cheat, live chat or speak with a counselor. That’s what they are there for and they can help you to come up with an alternative.  There are tons of diet friendly recipes on the nutrisystem forums that you can use for flex meals.  You can even eat out if you are careful.

Other than giving you some variety, the very important reason that they want you to do flex meals is because you need to learn how to plan and prepare healthful meals.  The goal is that one day you won’t need to depend on the prepackaged meals and can maintain your weight loss on your own.  In this way, the flex meals are sort of training wheels for that day when you won’t need the diet anymore.

In all honestly, you get some practice toward this when you add your sides to the prepackaged nutrisystem meals.  You get used to looking at the grocery guide to know what serving size you can have of each food.  You learn that starchy, fatty, or surgery foods mean smaller serving sizes and that low glycemic foods mean bigger serving sizes.  The flex meals are exactly like this on a larger scale.

Also, you might find that your progress helps you stay on track when you make your choices.  Because once you’ve had success, have lost weight, and needs new clothes, etc., you don’t want to do anything to reverse that.  But you also know that you do need to learn to make choices.  So the flex meals are a “safe” way to do both.  I understand why you’re fearful, but give it a chance.  Most people find that it’s sort of the best of both worlds.  Here are the latest nutrisystem coupons and where you can reach out to a counselor: Get $25 off your first two orders + free bars & shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

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