How Hard Is It To Change Your Nutrisystem Plan?

Many people who are just starting nutrisystem (or those who are researching different plans) aren’t sure which plan is right for them.  There are several factors to consider when making this decision including cost, the ability to customize your menu, and the inclusion of the gourmet and frozen foods.  As a result, people often wonder if they are stuck with their initial choice.  For example, if they chose the cheapest, most basic plan at first, does this mean they have to keep ordering the same package? Additionally, sometimes health issues or dietary concerns come up where you may need to consider another plan.  For example, someone might have a check up and decide that they want to move to the diabetic plan or someone may decide to try a vegetarian lifestyle for a while and then want to switch to the vegetarian package.

A concern might be something like, “I want to try nutrisystem, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like it.   So I’ve decided to just to go with the cheapest plan this first time and then if that goes well, I might consider going with the more deluxe frozen plan (the uniquely yours.) Is this going to be possible?  Or do I have to stick with my original choice?”

You actually don’t.  That’s one nice thing about the flexibility of nutrisystem.   You only place food orders when you need them with no obligation. There’s no contract or agreement.  You order your chosen plan each month as long as you need it.  When you lose the weight and have completed your transition, you can stop ordering.  You can order the basic plan in January, the core in February, the uniquely yours in March, the vegetarian in April, and so on. Now, things can be a little different if you sign up for auto delivery.  If you choose to sign up for it (and many people do because it’s the best deal,) then you can still change, but you’ll only get credit in terms of pricing for the model that you chose when you signed up for auto delivery, at least as I understand it. I’d encourage you to look at nutrisystem’s terms and conditions (you can easily google this) which basically says that you can switch your plan at any time, but that pricing and promotions will be adjusted accordingly if you are on auto delivery.  You can change your product selections and your delivery by 6:00pm before any order is shipped.  I want to stress that I’m not an employee of nutrisystem and I’d suggest calling them or even live chatting on the nutrisystem site (via “contact us”) if you want the official answer to this. (You can link up here Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!) I’m merely reading the terms of service.   But since you aren’t under contract for any length of time, you would simply just place an order for the package that you want for that month.  If you’ve done auto delivery, you’d need to go in and change your selection before the next month ships, with the understanding that if you chose a more expensive plan, they’ll adjust accordingly.  At least this is the way that I understand it, but I’d suggest contacting nutrisystem to be sure.  Auto delivery can be canceled once you lose your target weight or just change your mind, as I understand it.

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