Can You Have Potatoes On Nutrisystem?

Worldwide, potatoes are by far the most popular vegatable. In fact, people consume almost double the amount of potatoes than tomatoes, which is the second most popular vegetable.  So it’s no suprise that many people are concerned that they’ll have to give up potatoes while on nutrisystem.  Someone might say, “I absolutely love potatoes and I know that you’re not supposed to have starchy or white foods.  So am I going to have to give up potatoes on nutrisystem?  Or is it just fried foods that I have to worry about?”

If you look at the grocery guide, you will see that sweet potatoes are listed as a smart carb (at a serving size of 1/2 cup.)  I’m not a nutrisystem counselor so I’m only guessing at this, but I think that they encourage sweet potatoes because they contain such high amounts of vitamin C and typically aren’t prepared with as much butter, sour cream, or oil as white potatoes.

That said, nutrisystem doesn’t completely leave out white potatoes in its own offerings.  They do offer loaded potatoes for lunch and meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.  Additionally, nutrisystem’s newsletter (The Leaf) offers recipes for game day stuffed baked potatoes and air fried potatoes that omit the oil.  I’d strongly encourage you to reach out to a nutrisystem counselor for specific serving sizes about white potatoes (since I’m not seeing this on the grocery guide,) but the diet doesn’t often doesn’t completely exclude all starches. Instead, they just limit the serving size of them.  Since the nutrisystem menu includes breads, bagels, muffins, potatoes etc in their own meals, I don’t think that they’ve completely excluded potatoes.  Instead, they encourage sweet potatoes (since the nutrition is higher,) but I’m sure that white potatoes in small portion sizes would not be catastrophic.  In an article talking about potatoes in the Leaf, it’s noted that by themselves, potatoes are a low fat food.  The problem is that we often prepare them by frying them or by slathering them with sour cream and butter.  I think that if you can steer clear of the fattening toppings or preparations, they can be fine.  Even better, stick with sweet potatoes or just get your potato fix from the nutrisystem menu offerings.  Again, it’s quick and easy to ask a nutrisystem counselor specifically about potatoes.  They are your best source of information.  My answer is only based on my interpretation of the grocery guide and articles in “The Leaf,” but I’m not a counselor.  You can reach a counselor via the nutrisystem website here: Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

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