Bar B Que On Nutrisystem: Is It Allowed? What About The Sauce?

By: Ava Alderman:  No matter where you live, bar b que is often a popular choice whether you are cooking at home or eating out. It’s a wonderful comfort food and guilty pleasure.  So, people wonder if they are going to have it give it up when they begin the nutrisystem diet.

Someone what say: “Mexican is my favorite food, but bar b que is my second favorite.  My coworkers and I have bar b que on Fridays and I really look forward to it. I would hate to give it up.  It’s a comforting ritual that lets me know that the weekend is coming and allows me to relax. I know that there are some guidelines about eating out on the diet.  Does this include bar b que?”

I’ll discuss eating out in a minute, but first I wanted to let you know that there are currently some bar b que options on the menu.  On the lunch menu, there is a bar b que pulled pork sandwich.  And on the dinner menu, there is a bar b que seasoned chicken sandwich, as well as a plate of chicken and bar b qued beans.  So you can have your fix on the diet even without eating out.

As far as eating out or cooking at home, the best choice would probably be lean, smoked meats like chicken or pork.  You don’t want anything fried, obviously.  And you want to be really careful with your sides.  Another thing that you want to be careful with is the sauce.  Many sauces are extremely high in sugar.  Luckily, there are many low fat and low sugar options.  Walden Farms makes a fat-free, sugar-free sauce. Guy’s award-winning, sugar-free bar b que sauce is very high rated.  Even Kraft makes a 30 calorie sauce that is low in sugar.  You probably don’t have to look very hard to find something that will work for you.

Also, I’m sure it goes without saying that you want to drink water and not soda while dining out.  You never want to drink your calories when each calorie counts.  So yes, you can have bar b que on nutrisystem.  If you want to totally play it safe, you can just chose these items from the menu.  But if you want to have it at home or by eating out, you’ll just want to make smart choices and watch your portion sizes.  Watch out for sugar and fat.  And remember that lean meat is always a good choice because of the protein.  Nutrisystem publishes a dining out guide.  You can check it out on the company’s website at: Get 40% off every order + Free Bars, Shakes, Turboboosters & FREE SHIPPING!

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