How Much Weight Can You Lose In One Month On Nutrisystem Fast Five?

November 20th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: There’s no question as to why nutrisystem’s fast five is so popular. The food is good. The weight loss is rapid (five pounds in your first week or your money back.) And they sometimes offer free shakes which are not always included during other promotions.

But as good as all of this sounds, people want specifics. They want to know exactly how much weight they can expect to lose. Someone might ask: “I am going to try fast five and I’m going to buy one of the monthly packages on nutrisystem. I’m trying to determine if one month is going to be enough. How much weight can I expect to lose on that month of fast five?”

While there isn’t any specific literature that I could find, I think that you can figure this out relatively easily, although results may vary. And I’d strongly encourage you to reach out to a counselor on the nutrisystem site. (You can do that here: NutriSystem, Inc.)

But, we know that losing five pounds during the first week of fast five is not out of the question. (Remember that fast five is only for the first week.) Beyond that, nutrisystem’s result range is around 1 – 2 pounds per week. So let’s assume five pounds for the first week and a range of 3 – 6 pounds for those remaining three weeks. That is anywhere from 8 – 11 pounds in that first month.

I am not sure what your goal is or whether this is enough weight to meet those goals, but that is probably a decent range indicating what you might expect. As you probably already know, everyone is different and people who start out with more weight to lose tend to take it off more quickly and dramatically, especially in the beginning.

Still, losing 8 – 11 pounds is the kind of weight loss that many people are happy with because it means that you will go down inches and dress sizes. This is the type of weight loss that people notice. So I think it is substantial enough to make most people happy. And to make most people motivated enough to keep going. If you only have a small amount to lose, that first month may be more than enough. Luckily, nutrisystem is a pretty easy diet. The food is good and you eat regularly so hunger isn’t too bad. So if you do need to do a little over a month, that is very doable for most people. And if you don’t need to do a complete second month, you can order as needed a la carte so you don’t have to make a big commitment. Sometimes though, if you buy specials, you will pay not much more for the entire month. And you can use the extra food as snacks or to help you transition off of the diet.

I keep the latest specials for nutrisystem on the right side of this blog.  So if you think that one month will work, make sure you use the coupons.  They aren’t valid a la carte, but they work great for packages.

What Is The Differences Between Nutrisystem And Weight Watchers? Here’s Two Big Ones

November 19th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  I sometimes have people ask me to spell out the differences between nutrisystem and other well known diets.  For the purposes of making sure that this article isn’t too long and cumbersome, I’ll be focusing on one diet in this article – weight watchers.

Both diets are very well known with lot of commercials featuring celebrities.  Nutrisystem has Marie Osmond and Melissa Joan Hart and, until very recently, Weight Watchers had Jennifer Hudson.  (She recently left the program.)

Both diets work by having you take in fewer calories and adding in more healthy foods and some exercise.  Both provide education and support.

But, in my opinion, there are two main differences.  And these differences are the reason that this two diets have distinctly different target audiences.

The Difference Of How Much Food You Provide For Yourself: Nutrisystem provides most of your food for you.  Most people agree that the food is pretty good.  You can choose from foods like french toast, donuts, hamburgers, pizza, and fajitas.  Now, you do have to add in fresh fruits and vegetables.  So, you do make decisions about your sides. But for the most part, all you have to decide upon is which meal sounds good for you that day.  Then, you just heat it up.  You don’t have to shop for it or prepare it.  There aren’t many decisions for you to make.  And there’s very little for you to keep track of.

With weight watchers, you are going to be providing much of your own food.  You are going to be deciding what to eat and keeping track of your calories (or points, as they are called on weight watchers.)   Once you reach your points for the day, you’re done.  If it’s early in the day, you may be hungry for the rest of that day.  You can make a variety of foods, but obviously, healthy foods are going to give you the largest portions because you won’t be burning through your points.  In my opinion, weight watchers is ALOT more work, but it also gives you more control.

It’s no coincidence that people who don’t mind shopping, planning and cooking are more likely to be OK with weight watchers. But those who like doing less work and not having to tally calories or points are going to be more drawn to nutrisystem.

 Differences In The Level Of Support: Another major difference is the level of support.  Nutrisystem does provide support.  You can have a counselor if you like.  And they have tons of free support on their website. The main difference is that this is available online or via live chat or phone call.

With weight watchers, you are encouraged to go to weekly meetings where you discuss your progress with one another and sometimes weigh in.  Some people feel that they need this and others say that it makes them feel self conscious and that they dread the meetings.  Or they say that they don’t have time.

People who like to have support without the obligation are more drawn to nutrisystem and those who like face to face accountability might lean toward weight watchers.

Hopefully, by now it’s become clear why these diets target different types of dieters.  Those who really like convenience and having the work done for them favor nutrisytem.  Those who don’t mind doing the work and attending the meetings might prefer weight watchers.

I’m not really a group joining type of person and I would probably weasel out of those meetings in no time.  I also know that worrying about cooking foods within the confines of the diet is a hassle for my type of personality.  But not every one thinks the way that I do which is why it’s great to have choices.

If you’d like to know more about how nutrisystem works, there are tons of articles on this site.  I also keep more information and the latest nutrisystem specials here.

New Nutrisystem D Promotion / Special As Of November 2014 – Deeply Discounted And One Week Free

November 12th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  If you’re been looking at or considering nutrisystem d (the plan for diabetics or people trying to control their blood sugar,) now might be a good time to jump in.  They’ve recently not only discounted all of the D plans, they are also offering one whole week of free food if you sign up for auto delivery (which can be canceled once you’ve met your goals.)

Here is the pricing.  The basic plan where you’re given the most popular meals (but don’t hand pick your foods) is normally $344 for the month.  It is now discounted to only $259.

The core plan (where you are able to handpick your foods) is normally $424 for a month’s worth of food.  It is now only $279.

And the very popular select line – which includes the yummy frozen meals and allows you to choose your meals – is discounted to only $329 when it’s normally $510.

So not only are you getting a really good deal for a whole month of food, you’re getting an entire week’s worth of meals free.  To see what type of value this is, let’s look at the monthly cost of the core plan when not on sale.  At $424, a week’s worth would cost about $106.  So in addition to getting a deep discount on the plan, you’re getting over one hundred dollars worth of free food.  This is a really nice deal if you’re been shopping the D or diabetic plan. Here is the coupon NutriSystem, Inc.

Should I Fast Before Starting Nutrisystem?

November 11th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  I think it’s fair to say that most every one who starts a diet wants quick and dramatic results.  There is nothing wrong with this.  But I also think that every one can agree that this wish is fine as long as you do it in a sensible and safe way.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes this to heart. I sometimes get questions about taking the nutrisystem diet too far.  Some are tempted to overexercise or even to eat less than the diet calls for.

Once, I had someone ask me if it was a good idea to fast before even starting the diet.  The thinking behind this goes something like this: “I just ordered my nutrisystem food and it should arrive next week.  I am wondering if perhaps I should fast before it gets here. I know that the idea of the diet is to get your body to burn fat.  And I figure if I fast, that process will already be started and then going on nutrisystem will kick things into high gear.  Is this a good idea?”

I’m not a nutritionist or specialist.  And I would absolutely suggest that you ask a nutrisystem counselor or your doctor about this.  (You can follow this link to the main site and link up with a counselor.

NutriSystem, Inc.

But my own answer to this would be that no, it is not a good idea to wander away from the directions of the diet.  The whole idea is to take the weight off quickly but sensibly.  Not only do fad, dramatic, or yo yo diets often mean that you don’t keep the weight off, but they are not good for your health or your metabolism.

I understand that you want to take advantage of the fat burning process.  But, do you know how hard your body has to work to burn the fat?  It works quite hard. And what allows it to do this? Fuel!  And for your body, fuel is food.  If you fast, your body can not get the fuel that it needs.  If it doesn’t have fuel, it can not burn fat.

So by fasting, you’re actually doing the opposite of what you want to do.  No one intends for any diet to be unhealthy or so drastic that it isn’t good for you.  And if you fast, you are far more likely to be hungry and to not stay on the diet anyway.

In my opinion, you are far better off to follow the diet as the instructions tell you to.  I think the much better plan is to eat healthfully in the week before the diet and then follow along with the instructions they give you once your food arrives.  The plan is designed to give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs while still losing weight.  You don’t need to do more than is asked.  In fact, by doing so, you may be hurting your results rather than helping them.  And you’d put yourself through a very unpleasant fasting experience that is pointless anyway.  Why do that to yourself?

Tips For Beginners To Nutrisystem

October 29th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I sometimes hear from people who have made the decision to try the nutrisystem diet, but who have some apprehension about getting started. I find that people tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves when they start a diet. I think that part of that is that this isn’t their first time dieting. Many have tried before and have been less than satisfied with the process or with their results. So, in their minds, they know that this is something that they should do, but many believe that it’s not something that they are going to enjoy doing.

A lot of people come to learn that this diet is pretty easy, but a lot of dread and emotion is wasted in the beginning when they go into it with negative expectations. This article is meant to offer tips for folks who are just beginning the diet and who want to make the process as easy and as pleasurable as possible.

Commit To Embracing The Simplicity Of This Plan: Without any doubt, I believe that one of the huge advantages to nutrisystem is that they have done most of the work. Many people approach this in a way that, frankly, is too uptight for what is required. You don’t need to do much work here. You don’t need to make a lot of choices other than which diet meal you’re going to choose that day. Resist any urge to make this more difficult than it really is. They have made it easy on purpose.

The same holds true for exercise. They are only asking you to get in your “daily 3″ each day when it comes to exercise. This means that you only have to get in ten additional minutes of activity three times per day. So if you take a twenty minute power walk with your dogs and then you do sit ups for the commercials of one sitcom, guess what? You are done. You don’t have to hit the gym or do more than what is asked of you. Don’t fight this. I know that when things just aren’t that hard, you feel like you aren’t working hard enough. But you are. Don’t feel pressured to do more than is asked.

Fall Back On Things You Already Like When Adding In Your Sides Or Your Exercise: Like the comfortable clothes that we favor, many of us have old standbys when it comes to our favorite foods. If you are honest, you might find that you eat a lot of the same foods over and over. You already know what types of foods you like.

For the most part, you do not have to provide your own foods, except for when it comes to side items with your diet meals. You are asked to add in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. Now, if you want to make this easy on yourself, add in healthy versions of what you already like – especially in the beginning when it is all new to you. Fall back on what already feels comfortable. For example, I love pudding cups. So there would be nothing wrong with adding in sugar and fat free pudding to my lunch. That is a dairy item that is fair game. I also love bananas so I could add them to my breakfast cereal in the morning to get in a serving of fruit right away. What I think you don’t want to do is to feel like you have to immediately and totally break away from your old patterns. Of course, you want to expand your horizons. But when you are just starting out, there’s nothing wrong with finding healthy versions of what you’re already doing so that you are comfortable.

Make Your Expectations More About The Long Term Than The Short Term: I get a lot of correspondence from people who ask things like: “how much weight will I lose in my first week on nutrisystem?” Or “can I lose weight after a couple of days of nutrisystem?” I understand why these questions are being asked, but I cringe a little when I get them. You probably won’t lose the same amount of weight every week. You may have weeks that are a little disappointing, at least in terms of the scale. But you know what I’ve found out? Sometimes, after those less than great weeks, a wonderful week is approaching. But you may not have had the patience for it if your expectations were too high. I am not sure that tracking your daily weight is a good idea. Because it truly is the weight you lose over the course of the diet that is important. And very few people are going to meet their weight loss goals in a week, unless they do not have much to lose to begin with.

If you still haven’t placed your initial order yet, you can see the latest nutrisystem coupons here.


October 11th, 2014

Welcome to my review website which features many articles about how to have success on the nutrisystem diet. I hope that you find something here that is useful to you and helps you make decisions about, or have success on, this diet. Nutrisystem is a pretty straightforward diet.  There’s no weigh ins, counting calories, or anything to keep track of, really.

Basically you just eat the foods that they send you, add in fresh fruit, dairy, or vegetables, and exercise as you see fit.   You eat three meals and two snacks / desserts per day.  The food is pretty good, but the gourmet and select line is a little better.  One thing that I find really cool about nutrisystem is that you do get to eat comfort type foods that normally aren’t allowed on diets – like pizza, tacos, ravioli, macaroni, chocolate cake, cheese puffs,  ice cream sandwiches, etc.   Many foods that are off limits on other diets are allowed here, as long as you eat their modified foods, many of which are not half bad.  They do allow you the option of hand picking your foods if you know of some foods that you like better than others.  I can’t think of any foods that are truly awful, but of course as with any diet, some are better than others.  One thing that really helps is the fact that nutrisystem allows users to rank their foods.  You can go on their menu and see how other people have liked or disliked the foods and why.  So, if you see a food with five stars, you can be relatively confident that this is a food that most people like.

You can also chose between the part time flex program and many of the full time regular programs, depending on how much weight you have to lose and how much time and money you want to spend.  Hopefully, the articles below give you enough information to evaluate if this diet is right for you, but if not, you can check out my free nutrisystem ebook here.  You can see the latest nutrisystem coupons here.

This site’s terms of service are here.

New Nutrisystem Promotion – Fast Free Five Plus FREE SHAKES August / Fall 2014

October 10th, 2014

As of August 19, 2014, Nutrisystem is running a new promotion.  It might already be pretty familiar because they’ve run it before.   They are continuing the fast five free program – where you are given specially selected meals  to help you lose five pounds in the first week.  This promotion has been extremely popular.  Now, they have added back in the FREE shakes.  Specifically, you get 7 free energizing shakes (to increase your metabolism) and 7 free craving crusher shakes which suppress your appetite and make you not as hungry.   This is a great added incentive.  When the company first introduced the fast five free, the shakes were included.   Now, they have added this back in.  The shakes are incredibly popular, so if you’ve been on the fence about fast five, now might be a good time to try it.  Here’s the promotion: Lose 5 lbs. in you first week* with Fast 5 plus FREE SHAKES

Does The Nutrisystem My Way / Fast Five Plan Include Any Frozen Food?

October 9th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: Lately, a new approach by nutrisystem has made potential customers look at the diet in a new way.  The “my way” plan allows customers to chose foods meant to work with their personal metabolism and that the way that their body works so the weight comes off somewhat easily and quickly.  To use “my way,” you are asked questions about your height, weight, lifestyle, preferences, and goals and the result is that you get a plan customized just for you.  Better yet, the “my way” plan includes the new “fast five” which is five days worth of meals meant to jump start your metabolism and have you losing a lot of weight quickly.  Plus, they give you free shakes, which doesn’t always happen.

Most people really like the customization and the fast weight loss, but some worry that the quick weight loss might mean that they are restricted against having the foods that they might find to the most appealing.  One concern like this addresses the frozen meals from the select line.  Someone might ask: “I understand that the ‘my way’ plan includes the fast five with the free shakes.  I understand that this plan is meant to help you lose five pounds in the first week and this appeals to me a good deal. But I was most interested in the select line because the frozen meals just look more appealing to me.  Is the select line excluded from the ‘my way’ and the fast five?  Because if it is, then it’s not worth it to me. I’d rather lose weight a little more slowly and get to eat the foods that I would like more.”

I understand the concern.  But ALL of the plans are offered with fast five and my way, including the select line. One thing to remember with the select line is that every meal isn’t frozen.  You do get some non frozen meals with the package.  Specifically, there are 18 days worth of the “ready to go meals” and 10 days worth of the frozen meals. So this gives you a good deal of flexibility with fast five and beyond.  The select plan paired with my way / fast five works the same way as the other plan.  You will just have the option of using the frozen foods. (Here is the fast five special and it will work with select: Lose 5 lbs. in you first week* with Fast 5 plus FREE SHAKES

Currently, some of the most popular meals on the select line are as follows: the buttermilk pancakes; the homestyle waffles; the turkey sausage and egg muffin; the beef bean and cheese burrito; the four cheese melt; the meatball melt; the grilled chicken sandwich; the broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast; the chicken and bacon ranch pizza; the chicken enchilada; the meatloaf sandwich; the ice cream sandwich; and the carrot cake whoopie pie.

And while these are all great options, you will also get some very popular non frozen meals which give you a wide variety of options.  But yes, you can definitely do “my way” and “fast five” when you chose the select plan.

What Comes With Nutrisystem Membership? Is It Worth It To Become A VIP?

September 30th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I’m always a little startled when I hear from someone who clearly doesn’t know about all of the support and extras that are available for free on the nutrisystem website. There is so much support and so many resources available. In fact, you can have access to some of the resources even if you don’t take the time to create a profile or buy food. But, if you do create a profile, you’ll get access to more cool things. And if you become a VIP member (by signing up for a plan,) you’ll get even more still. In this article, I’ll look at the different levels of membership and tell you if I think VIP membership is worth it.

As I alluded to before, you don’t have to buy anything to use some of the resources, even if you’re not going to create a profile or buy anything, you can still read the daily dose message, read the chat boards, and look at the dining out guide. The daily dose message are inspirational writings to help keep you on track.

If you’re not ready to order food yet but you want to use more of the features, all you have to do is set up an account and profile. This doesn’t cost you anything and it allows you access to all of the above plus you can post things on the blogs and discussion board, make friends and follow people on the boards, and participate in “buddy bucks” which is a program where if you refer someone to the boards, you and that referral get $30 off your next order.

Now in order to get VIP membership, you have to make a program purchase which means you have to buy a month worth of one of the packages. With this, you get all of the above plus more, including all of the tracking tools including an online journal, a daily planner, a log for your daily 3, and a food tracker. You can also receive personalized progress reports. Plus, you can take advantage of some very cool incentives like being able to play on the 50 clicks rewards program. Also, you can earn nutrabears. These are adorable little teddy bears that they send you when you hit a weight loss milestone. It may sound silly, but I know a lot of people are extremely motivated by those bears. Many people collect them.

That’s why I think going ahead and making a purchase and being a VIP member is totally worth it. Because what’s the point of creating an account and then stopping short of eating the food? The food is one of the main parts of the diet. I mean, participating in the forums and reading the information can be helpful and inspiring, but the food is the tool by which you have success. To see all the benefits you can get with each level, go to the nutrisystem website ( and then hit “tools and community”

What Is The Nutrisystem Recipe Center? How Does It Work?

September 18th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  I sometimes hear from people who have been on the nutrisystem website and who have found something that has confused them.  One such example is the recipe center which you can find under the resource section.

Someone might ask something like: “I don’t really get what the recipe center is.  I thought that all of the meals were provided for you? Are you expected to make meals on top of the nutrisystem foods?”

The recipe center is a resource for people who are in the transition phase.  What this means is that they’ve lost their target weight and now they are trying to keep it off.  Typically, a counselor will help you figure out a regimen that includes a few nutrisystem items for convenience and you beginning to prepare your own meals.  Some people chose to keep their favorite diet meals because frankly they have become fond of them and don’t want to give them up.

So, most of the users who have posted recipes to this page are in transition.  That’s not to say that there aren’t people on there who are still trying to lose weight and who want to take a day off or enjoy their own food on special occasions. If you take a look at this page, (which you can view by following this link, then clicking “tools and community” followed by the “recipe center” link) you might be surprised as to how extensive it really is.  The recipes are broken down in the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, protein drinks, desserts, and grocery store additions.  One part of this page that I really like are the “top rated member recipes.”

Users rate the recipes and on the right are the recipes that users have rated the highest.  As of this writing, here are the recipes that have made the cut right now; mac and black bean chili; eggplant feta casserole; shrimp alfredo; crabby mac and cheese; and easy and healthy hoagie salad.  All of these contributions have been rated five stars by the people who have tried them.

Another part of the page that I really like is the “spice it up” option. This allows you to take a nutrisystem food that you eat often and then search for ways that other users have modified it to spice it up, improve it, or make it different. This gives you variety and keeps things from getting stale.

Also, each member is given a “recipe box.”  When you try and like one of the recipes, you can easily save it so that you don’t have to search for it again.  This is set up for people to share what is working for them.  Speaking of sharing, there are also extensive forums where you can ask questions of or share with other members.  On the day I wrote this article, the most lively discussion was someone asking about whether eating a diet ice cream for dessert would effect your weight loss results.  Most people agreed that every once in a while, this would be perfectly fine.  If you haven’t yet checked out this section of the site, do so.  Even if you are not in transition, the support alone is worth checking out.