The Nutrisystem 4th Of July Sale – $200 Off And The Biggest Discount This Year.

June 26th, 2017

If you were waiting for nutrisystem’s biggest discount, I think that this is it.  The fourth of July sale is now live.  My understanding is that it lasts until July 7th.  All plans are discounted and you’ll be getting the lean 13 package with free shakes, bars, and free shipping.  The $200 discount comes off in 5 different increments.  You get $50 off your first, third, and fifth packages and $25 off your second and forth.   You can cancel the shipments at any time, but obviously the person who is going to get the most and full $200 savings off of this deal is the person who is going to need to order five packages.  Since the packages last for around a month, this is going to give the most savings to the person who plans to be on nutrisystem for 4 – 5 months.   You can sort of get a rough estimate of your weight loss after 4 – 5 months by taking a conservative estimate of 9 pounds for the first month (the clinical study of lean 13 showed an average of around 11 pounds and then 1-2 pounds per week after that (since weight loss naturally slows after the first month.)  Being on this plan for four months would put your range at 21 –  41 pounds at four months (depending on whether you’re at the lower or upper end of the weekly range) and 26 – 49 pounds after five months. Also, some people stay on nutrisystem on a maintenance plan to maintain their weight loss.  They no longer eat all of the meals on the plan, but they do have an occasional meal or snack to keep their weight steady, which allows them to ease back into eating completely on their own.  This is another thing to consider when trying to gage how long you might be on the program.  Even if you aren’t sure you are going to be on the plan for some months, you will still get the savings until you cancel.  So you really can’t go wrong.  You’ll still get the discount for every order you place.   Here is the coupon: 4th of July Sale! Get $200 off + Free Shipping and Turbo Shakes at

What Is Nutrisystem’s New Turbo Ten? What’s Included? How Much Does It Cost?

June 18th, 2017

By: Ava Alderman: Nutrisystem’s fast five was very popular for a very long time. But, it appears that they’ve decided to retire that plan this year in lieu of the new plan, Turbo Ten. I’ve had people ask me how turbo ten is different from fast five and what you get with turbo ten. Here are the particulars:

Honestly, turbo ten is quite similar to fast five in that it is set up the same way. However, it is set up to help you lose 10 pounds and five inches in your first month. Now, 10 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, but I’m more impressed by the 5 inches. I find it harder to lose inches than pounds. On the new turbo ten plan, you get:

  • 21 meals meant to kick start your metabolism
  • 7 turbo shakes (these are protein shakes that contain probiotics which help with belly bloat and digestion.)
  • 7 nutricrush shakes (meant to help with hunger and cravings)

You are able to choose from over 150 popular choices plus free fed ex shipping. The price of the plan depends upon whether you’re going with the basic, core, or uniquely yours. However, as of this writing the plans are on sale. (I’ll post a coupon for $50 off at the end of this article.  Take advantage of it if you like.)  I will describe the plan and then tell you how much it costs currently. (Note that these prices were current when I wrote this, but prices do change sometimes.) The basic plan includes online resources and free shipping, but not the counseling. Plus the meals are selected for you, but it is the cheapest plan and has a great price point. (Currently priced at $269.99)

The core plan provides free counseling and the ability to hand pick your foods. (Being able to choose your own foods is necessary for many folks who consider themselves a little more picky.) The core plan is right at the middle in terms of expense. (Currently priced at $289.99.)

Uniquely Yours (this used to be the “select” plan) is the most expensive but it’s very popular because it allows you the frozen or gourmet foods which are very tasty. And unlike the select line, they now let you have as much frozen food in your package as you like. They don’t limit the amount of frozen meals anymore. You get the counseling and the ability to hand pick your meals with this plan also. (Currently priced at $334.99. Yes, this is more expensive, but if you look at the individual cost of the frozen meals, you will see that this price is very discounted and it’s a pretty decent deal. Plus this plan is the most popular and has the highest degree of satisfaction because you have more choices and the food is so good. Here’s the coupon code.  This is good for any of the plans (basic, core or uniquely yours.) Get $50 off plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

Does The Nutrisystem Fast Five Work?

June 17th, 2017

By: Ava Alderman: I’ve been getting a lot of correspondence asking about nutrisystem’s new fast five. People sometimes wants to know what it’s about, what it includes, and how it works. If that describes your questions, you can read more here.  But mostly, people get the general idea of what it is (and how could you not with nutrisystem aggressively advertising it on TV so often right now?) but what most are more interested in is whether or not it actually works.

Since it’s new, you really just have people’s personal experience to go on. It’s so new that I haven’t yet seen any studies regarding it. I’ve heard good feedback on its aggressive pricing, money back guarantee, and all that is included for free. I’ve even seen some posting on forums where the posters outline that they’ve had good initial results.

I think that this makes sense, when you think about it. Most people do find that, so long as they follow the instructions, the first couple of weeks on any diet is pretty encouraging. Sure, it may be an adjustment for your body. But in terms of results, the early days often mean that you haven’t yet reached a plateau and your body isn’t used to the diet yet.

But in addition to this, the fast five plan takes this a step further to ensure that you are going to have an easier time succeeding. They give you the appetite suppression shakes to help you with hunger. They give you the metabolism shakes to help you have a higher burning metabolism and they give you a money back guarantee so that you don’t have as much anxiety going into the process.

In that sense, they have tried to address the thing big concerns that most dieters have – hunger, effectiveness, and cost. I think that this was very smart. Because it gets people trying the plan and the hope is that once those same people see the results in terms of weight loss and how they look and feel, they will continue along.  Plus, most of us are going to be much more encouraged when we have fast and dramatic results.

It’s my guess that the fast five would work in that you would most definitely be taking in fewer calories and you would have an easier time than you might other wise have. Plus, by offering the money back guarantee, they’ve made it so that you have very little to lose. If you don’t like it or you don’t get results, you can get your money back. But many people (especially at this time of the year) think it’s definitely worth a try.

And the shakes are getting great reviews for taste and for how filling they are. The shakes aren’t always included in this diet. (You often have to pay for them separately at other times during the year.) So I would suggest that if you are interested, the fast five works out to be a very good deal at a very good time to try nutrisystem. Here is a link to that offer. Get Fast 5 Plus and lose 5 lbs in your first week!

The Nutrisystem Father’s Day Sale – The $150 Off Is Not Just For Men’s Plans

June 16th, 2017

This weekend, nutrisystem is having a Father’s Day Sale.  You might assume that since Father’s Day is mostly to honor men, the sale (which is $150 off) is only going to be applicable to men’s packages.  This does not appear to be the case, though.  They are currently offering $150 off all packages.  Here are the particulars.   This is the popular lean 13 plans where you get 7 free Turbo Shakes, 7 free nutricrush bars, plus free fed ex shipping.  Lean 13 is designed so that you lose weight quickly and have good results fast. It has been a very popular plan.  The $150 off comes over the course of four orders.   Basically, you get $50 off of orders one and three and $25 dollars off of orders two and four.  You can cancel this at any time also.  Here is the current pricing:  Uniquely Yours (which has the frozen food and is normally the most expensive and popular) comes in at $284.  The basic package is $224.  And the core (which includes the ability to customize your package) is $244.  All of the packages gives you enough food for an entire month.   Being able to get diet breakfasts, dinners, and lunches plus snacks, desserts, shakes and bars for under $300 is a very aggressively priced deal.  Especially when you can get the frozen package for under $300.  And being able to get any diet package for under $250 (as is the case with the basic and core) is nearly unheard of.  If you have been thinking about nutrisystem, this is a good sale.   Here is the link to that.  It ends on June 21st: $150 Off Your First Four Orders during the Father’s Day Sale at Nutrisystem! Offer ends 6.21.17

Nutrisystem’s New Lean 13 – On Sale And Discounted For 2017

June 9th, 2017

It’s the time of year again when people are heavily invested in losing weight.  It’s also the time when many companies roll out their very best sales in order to make their diet too attractive to resist.  In 2017 nutrisystem has rolled out its new lean 13 plan.  If you’ve been following nutrisystem for a while, you know that this plan is a refresh of the very popular fast five and turbo 10 plans.  Essentially, nutrisystem packages these popular plans specifically to jump start weight loss quickly.  The idea is that you get early success to continue to be motivated.  They also include a lot of nice extras to make things extra enticing – like the free shakes, the free bars, and free fed ex shipping.  Here are the particulars of the current lean 13 plan:  It is designed so that you can lose 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.  In addition to food for the entire month (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks / desserts,) they’ve included 7 free shakes, 7 free bars, and free fed ex shipping.  The price itself is attractive and they are running specials on top of that.  For example, the current price (as of this writing) is: the basic is running $274.99, the core is $294.99 and uniquely yours (with frozen meals) is$334.99.  You may already know this, but the main difference between these three plans is the frozen options on uniquely yours and the customization options with the core (and also with uniquely yours.)  The basic includes very popular foods and is a great value if you are looking to try nutrisystem at a very low price point.  But all of the options are discounted and are very nice deals when you consider what you are getting and how much food is offered. They are offering the following specials, making this a great time to try any of these plans. Get $50 Off Your First Order + Free Bars, Shakes, and Free Shipping at! Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

The Nutrisystem Memorial Day Sale: What Does It Include

May 26th, 2017

Nutrisystem just rolled out some special pricing plus some freebies for memorial day.  Right now, they have the plans on special as follows:  The core plan is around $294 or less than 10 dollars per day.  (This option does allow you to choose your own meals if you wish to.)  The basic plan is around $275.  This plan gives you a sampling of “favorite” items.  It is always the cheapest plan, but with this special, it’s just over $9 per day for three meals plus snacks.  The uniquely yours plan (which includes the frozen options and the ability to chose your own foods) comes in at $334, which is discounted.  This is the most expensive plan, but it is also the most popular because it includes the very tasty frozen items.   In addition to the discounted pricing on all plans, they are including extra bars for memorial day.  So on top of the discounted pricing, you get 7 turbo shakes, 7 nutricrush bars, PLUS they are also including seven free strawberry flavored bars.   They certainly don’t always offer 14 free bars with their packages.   So if you were thinking about trying nutrisystem, now might be a good time.   The shakes and bars are sold individually, but they’re pretty expensive that way.  Getting them as part of a package is the cheapest way to get them and now you are actually getting double the amount of the bars.  Here is the memorial day coupon: $80 Off Your First Two Orders plus free bars and Shakes during the Memorial Day Sale at Nutrisystem! Offer ends 6.2.17

Are Bananas Allowed On The Nutrisystem Diet?

May 17th, 2017

By: Ava Alderman: I think that most people realize that they are going to need to eat fruits and vegetables in order to maintain a healthy diet. This is true even if you feel that you are already at your ideal weight and don’t need to lose anything. But if you are dieting to lose weight or shed pounds, then it goes without saying that you are going to need to eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. I believe that the vast majority of dieters (and regular eaters too) prefer fruits to vegetables.

And of the fruits, bananas are among the most popular. It’s easy to understand why. They are very sweet and are pleasant tasting. Plus, they have a nice and soft texture. People sometimes ask me if they can still have bananas on the nutrisystem diet. They sometimes assume that they can not because bananas are thought to be one of the more fattening and sugar filled fruits that are sometimes off limits in high protein or glycemic friendly diets. In fact, many such diets greatly reduce or eliminate many fruits, although many do encourage vegetables.

Nutrisystem is based upon high protein, glycemic friendly foods. But you an still have bananas on this diet. You just have to limit the amount that you consume each day. Bananas are a food in the “smart carb” category which contains other fruits, breads, grains and pasta. (There are other categories like power fuels, vegetables, and “others.”) You are encouraged to have two smart carb servings each day.

In terms of bananas, a “smart carb” serving size is one medium banana. That is usually more than enough to satisfy the banana cravings of most people. If it isn’t (which is a little hard to imagine, unless this is your favorite food,) then you’d just use your other portion that day to have more. Keep in mind that you still have two power fuel servings. Plus, many vegetables are unlimited so you don’t have to count them under power fuels. And this is all in addition to the three meals plus dessert and snack that nutrisystem provides you with. I believe that many people are surprised that they are eating as often as they are when they begin this diet. But yes, you can eat bananas. I believe that most people will probably stick with a serving size of one medium one so that they can have one more smart carb on that same day.

Here are the latest nutrisystem coupons: Get $25 off your first two orders + free bars & shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

What Is The Turbo Take Off Kit From Nutrisystem? What’s In It?

May 9th, 2017

People sometimes ask what is the turbo take off kit from nutrisystem and what, exactly is in it?  It is basically a kit with the first week of meals (and instructions) which you are sent when you order nutrisystem’s lean 13 plan.  The kit in is in addition to the food for the remaining weeks of the month. It is kept separately for a reason.  Basically, this plan is designed to help you achieve weight loss quickly.  The first week works a bit differently than the rest of the month because it’s meant to “kick start” fast weight loss.  The first week’s foods are kept separately from the rest of the package because the foods are specifically chosen for the this first week.   One thing that’s very different about that “kick start” week is that you don’t need to worry about adding in smart carbs or power fuels during that week.  You’ll be doing this on weeks 2-4, but for the first week, you just have to worry about consuming only the meals in the kit.  (They do also encourage you to add in four servings of non starchy vegetables to help you to feel full.)  So what’s in the kit?  7 days of specially chosen breakfasts, lunches, and dinners plus 7 turbo shakes and 7 nutra crunch bars.  You will be using the bars and shakes in place of your smart carbs and power fuels for the first week only.   Both the shakes and bars are supposed to help you stay full and the shakes contain probiotics to aid in digestion and to help with abdominal bloat and discomfort.  The shakes are usually chocolate flavored and the bars are usually peanut butter and chocolate flavored, but this can certainly vary.  You’re also given access to a daily tracker log (to keep track of your movement) and an app for recording and maximizing your results.  I hope I’ve made it more clear as to what you can expect in your kit.  It will be set apart from the rest of your package and it is intended to make that first work easier and more effective.  Basically, you just eat the meals provided and add in a shake and bar each day along with four servings of non starchy vegetables.  You can use the tracking tools if you like, but there’s really nothing to calculate or figure out.  These are just meant to help you visualize your efforts and results.  They’ve done the calculations for you and they’ve already picked and provided the combination of meals that are meant to give you the best results.  Here is the latest special for lean 13: Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

The Difference Between Nutricrush Shakes And Turbo Shakes

May 3rd, 2017

There’s no question that the nutrisystem shakes have become quite popular.  They really caught on with programs like fast five, turbo 10, and lean 13.  And because of their popularity, they have been expanded.  This expansion, however, can create some confusion as how the shake choices are different.

For example, someone might notice that a nutricrush shake and a turbo shake are offered.  They might wonder if there is any substantial difference between the two and which might be better for their needs.  Nutrisystem has included both nutricrush and turbo shakes in packages in the past.  As of this writing, the biggest difference is that you are able to buy turbo nutrisystem shakes in bulk.  You can buy a tub of powder that makes either 14 or 28 turbo shakes.  However, the nutricrush shakes only come in a box of 7.  They two different shakes are similar in price when you figure out the costs per serving.  In terms of nutrition, there is not a huge difference, although the turbo variety is a bit more diet friendly.  The nutricrush has 150 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, and 13 grams of protein. The turbo shake has 130 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 15 grams of protein.  As of this writing, I’m only seeing a chocolate flavor available in the crush shake, although it’s possible vanilla that is sold out.  Both shakes are rated very high by users (for taste and texture,) with the crush being rated slightly higher (at 4.5 stars vs 4 stars for the turbo.)  However, to be fair, the crush has been around for longer and therefore has more reviews from which to draw.  It appears that the biggest difference here is that you can get the turbo in more quantity and it has fewer calories.  So if you’re going to consume a shake every day (and not just for the first week) then the turbo might be easier since you get a big tub with a lot of shakes and you’ll be saving 20 calories and one gram of fat each day.  But both options appear to be a sound choice and both shakes have received high reviews for their taste and texture.  Much of the time, if you order a package, you will get some shakes thrown in for free, as is the case for lean 13.  Here is a coupon: Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

What Type Of Yogurt Can You Have On Nutrisystem?

April 26th, 2017

I sometimes hear from people who know that they are going to be eating yogurt on nutrisystem, but when they go and look at the menu, they don’t see any offerings. This can create a bit of confusion as to what type of yogurt they are supposed to have. Someone might say: “I know that yogurt is fair game as far as diet foods go. And I actually really enjoy yogurt. So I am fine with eating it when I go on nutrisystem, but I’m not sure what type that I can have.”

I have looked over some nutrisystem publications for the answer, but I’d encourage you to just run this by a nutrisystem counselor (which you can easily do on the website – see the link below) if you are still unsure.

Nutrisystem doesn’t sell its own yogurt, which means that you will be providing it yourself and eating it as a side item or snack. The company is very good about providing specific serving sizes and they’ve indicated that it’s best to have a cup of non fat yogurt for a snack serving size. You could add fruit to that and you’d have a smart carb and a power fuel at the same time. The company has also put out some documentation that lists brand name suggestions, but I don’t think that this list is meant to be restrictive. I think that any fat free, low – sugar brand of yogurt would work. That said, some of the brands suggested are: dannon non fat; stoneyfield organic and fat free; fage fat free greek; Cobani nonfat greekt; Swiss Premium low fat plain yogurt; and la yogurt fat free. You can see that a lot of the suggestions are greek yogurt, but not all of them are. The greek variety does offer you a high amount of protein, which is attractive when you are dieting, but I do realize that not everyone is going to like the taste. Notice that there are options for the regular, non-greek variety, but they want you to have the non fat kind. I think that regardless of brand, what you are looking for is low fat and low sugar. You want to avoid flavors that are full of sugar or artificial ingredients. In fact, I find it best to just use plain yogurt and add flavor with fruit, since that is a win – win situation, but everyone is different. Here’s the latest nutrisystem special and is also where you can reach out to a counselor.  Get $25 off your first two orders + free bars & shakes and FREE SHIPPING!