The $80 Off Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Offer Plus Free Shakes And Bars

January 12th, 2017

By: Ava Alderman:  This is the time of the year when many diet plans will roll out their best deals because they know that they have a captive audience.  Nutrisystem is no exception because they have just put their most popular plan (uniquely yours) on deep discount.  They are currently offering $80 off of this plan and free shipping.  Also, this discount is part of the new “lean 13” promotion which includes the very popular free shakes and bars with all of its packages.  So that means that you’re getting $80 off, free shipping, and free shakes and bars because this discount has rolled out at the same times as lean 13.  Uniquely Yours is usually the most expensive plan because it offers the gourmet frozen foods.  It’s always been very popular, but it’s popularity skyrocketed after nutrisystem made the frozen choices unlimited (in the past, you would only get a certain number of frozen foods, while the rest were non-frozen.)  The change to unlimited frozen choices doesn’t mean that you have to eat all frozen meals if you don’t want to.  You can order any combination of meals that you want when you choose your foods.   But you aren’t limited to how many of the more expensive frozen meals that you can have.

As of this writing, the uniquely yours plan comes in at around $335.  That’s an outstanding price.  It’s for 30 meals with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the shakes / bars.  If you were to research other prepackaged diets like medifast and jenny craig, you’d find that this price comes in far lower AND not all of the other diets offer frozen options, which is what makes uniquely yours so popular.   I have no idea when this offer is going to end, so if you’re considering nutrisystem, you might want to have a look.  Right now, this plan is only slightly more expensive than the cheaper options (and it’s usually quite a bit more expensive when it’s not deeply discounted.)  So basically you are able to upgrade for very little money, which doesn’t always happen.  Here is the link to the special.  Get $80 off Uniquely Yours at + free bars and shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

Can You Lose 13 Pounds On Nutrisystem?

January 11th, 2017

People sometimes ask about specific amounts of weight loss on nutrisystem in a specific amount of time.  Lately, you hear a lot about “13 pounds in a month.”  And the reason for that is nutrisystem’s new “lean 13” promotion.  Specifically, that promotion mentions a possible 13 pound / 8 inch loss.  However, it is important to note that everyone is different.   These numbers are based on a clinical study where dieters consumed nutrisystem foods.  At the end of the study (which lasted for four weeks) the average weight loss was 11.6 pounds and eight inches.  So the average study participants were pretty close to the “lean 13” promotion weight loss.  However, “average” means that some participants probably lost less than 13 pounds and some lost a little more.  But the average person lost around 12.   So yes, it is possible to get fast and dramatic weight loss on nutriystem in a month’s time.  Lean 13 is meant to give you quick results and they suggest foods meant to jump start weight loss, as well as providing shakes and bars meant to boost metabolism.   However, I would caution you to not get too caught up on an exact amount.  Whether you lose 5.6 pounds, 9.8 pounds, or 13.1 pounds, anything even close to this in four week’s time would likely be enough to notice a difference in the way that you feel and look.  It could also be the beginning of a long term lifestyle change, which should be the real goal here.  I guess the point that I am trying to make is, yes losing 13 pounds would be great, but the plan is designed so that if you follow along, you should lose a decent amount of weight.  If you get caught up on the number 13, you might be disappointed if you hit something even slightly lower, which would be entirely missing the point.  Everyone’s body is different.  Everyone is going to do a different level of activity and perhaps add in different side items.  Everyone goes in with a different body make up.  So all results are not going to be the same.  Results are going to be individual, just like the people on the diet.  And I think that as long as you are feeling good, seeing results, and enjoying the process, that should be your concern.  The number on the scale can tell you how you are doing, but it shouldn’t define success or failure. In my opinion, just trying and stepping up to the plate is success.   Speaking of lean 13, they are running very aggressive specials right now.  Here they are: Get $50 Off Your First Order + Free Bars, Shakes, and Free Shipping at!

Nutrisystem’s New Lean 13 – On Sale And Discounted For 2017

January 2nd, 2017

It’s the time of year again when people are heavily invested in losing weight.  It’s also the time when many companies roll out their very best sales in order to make their diet too attractive to resist.  In 2017 nutrisystem has rolled out its new lean 13 plan.  If you’ve been following nutrisystem for a while, you know that this plan is a refresh of the very popular fast five and turbo 10 plans.  Essentially, nutrisystem packages these popular plans specifically to jump start weight loss quickly.  The idea is that you get early success to continue to be motivated.  They also include a lot of nice extras to make things extra enticing – like the free shakes, the free bars, and free fed ex shipping.  Here are the particulars of the current lean 13 plan:  It is designed so that you can lose 13 pounds and 7 inches in the first month.  In addition to food for the entire month (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks / desserts,) they’ve included 7 free shakes, 7 free bars, and free fed ex shipping.  The price itself is attractive and they are running specials on top of that.  For example, the current price (as of this writing) is: the basic is running $274.99, the core is $294.99 and uniquely yours (with frozen meals) is$334.99.  You may already know this, but the main difference between these three plans is the frozen options on uniquely yours and the customization options with the core (and also with uniquely yours.)  The basic includes very popular foods and is a great value if you are looking to try nutrisystem at a very low price point.  But all of the options are discounted and are very nice deals when you consider what you are getting and how much food is offered. They are offering the following specials, making this a great time to try any of these plans. Get $50 Off Your First Order + Free Bars, Shakes, and Free Shipping at! Get 40% off every order + Free bars & Shakes and FREE SHIPPING!

Cottage Cheese On Nutrisystem: Is It Allowed? What About Cream Cheese And Other Dairy Products?

December 14th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  I sometimes hear from people who want to know if staples that are sometimes limited or frowned upon on other diets is allowed on nutrisystem.  One example is that of dairy products like cream or cottage cheese.  Lately, dairy has been somewhat vilified on diets, so the assumption is that sometimes it is going to be off limits.

That’s not the case on nutrisystem.  Most (but not all) dairy products are categorized as power fuels because they contain a high amount of protein and are digested more slowly so that you feel full for a longer period of time.  (In case you don’t know, you are allowed different categories of food on nutrisystem, including power fuels, smart carbs, vegetables, extras and “free” or unlimited foods.)

Concerning cottage cheese, it’s certainly not a “free” or unlimited food, but the portion size and restrictions are not too bad.  The serving size is one half cup and they want you to make sure that you have the kind that contains only one percent fat (or non fat or fat free.)  They also want to make sure that the cottage cheese you choose has five grams of protein or more.  (It isn’t hard to find a product with this criteria.  There are many low fat / high protein options for cottage cheese that are quite good.)

Other dairy products that are considered power fuels are skim milk (at one cup,) non fat yogurt (also one cup.)  In terms of hard cheeses like cheddar, you are allowed to have one slice of low fat, low sodium cheese and you can have 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese.

Cream cheese is allowed, but it is considered an “extra” which means you need to limit it to up to three times per day.  And the serving size is one tablespoon, assuming that you are going with low fat.  You can also have coffee creamer as long as you go with one tablespoon of the fat free variety.

So yes, you can most definitely have dairy and various cheeses on nutrisystem.  You can’t eat the full fat version and you can’t have as much as you want.  But the portion sizes are reasonable and this diet sees dairy as the healthful, protein addition that it is and not as evil, like many diets.  Sure, you’ll need to watch the fat and portion sizes, but isn’t that true of all foods and of all diets?  You can see the latest nutrisystem specials here.

Nutrisystem Black Friday / Cyber Week Sale – Very Aggressive Pricing And Discounts $200 Off

November 21st, 2016

It seems that very few retailers are actually waiting for Black Friday to roll out their sales this year.  I suppose instead of “Cyber Monday,” we are getting “Cyber Week” that theoretically starts today.  That ends up being great for bargain shoppers, though.  Because Nutrisystem is definitely putting their packages on clearance.  They are offering $200 dollars off plans during this special pricing.  I am not sure how long this is going to last, but here is how the pricing is shaping up:

The core plan for four weeks is $274.99 with free delivery.   This plan offers a variety of popular foods that have been picked for you.  So you do not have the ability to choose your own foods.  However, they do a decent job of including popular choices.  There is also not any frozen meals in this package.  However, as I’ve stated, they do include popular non-frozen items.

Next up, we have the basic plan.  This plan is quite popular because it is not the most expensive (on sale at $294.99) but it allows you to hand pick the foods that you want.  It also has free shipping.  And unlike the core plan, it does give you access to the counselors and an extensive amount of support.  It’s basically only $20 more than the core plan, but you are getting a lot more flexibility.  This one does not have frozen food options (you have to upgrade to uniquely yours in order to get the frozen foods, which leads me to the next paragraph.)

Finally, we have uniquely yours, where you have the option of the popular frozen foods, which is discounted to $334.99.  This allows you unlimited frozen foods, the ability to mix and match whatever foods that you want, as well as the counseling.  You can see that this is about a $40 premium over the basic plan.  But many really love those frozen foods and like the ability to have an unlimited amount of them (which wasn’t always the case.)  If you are on the fence, I’d suggest looking over the menu and seeing if the frozen meals look really good to you, so that you don’t mind paying a bit of a premium.  Even with the additional cost, you are still only looking at slightly over $10 a day for meals and snacks, which isn’t bad at all, and in some cases is more inexpensive than healthy groceries.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get the best price on nutrisystem, this might be it.  I’m not sure for how long these prices will stay, but here is the link: Black Friday Sale! Get $200 off + Free Shipping and Turbo Shakes at


What Is Nutrisystem’s New Turbo Ten? What’s Included? How Much Does It Cost?

November 19th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: Nutrisystem’s fast five was very popular for a very long time. But, it appears that they’ve decided to retire that plan this year in lieu of the new plan, Turbo Ten. I’ve had people ask me how turbo ten is different from fast five and what you get with turbo ten. Here are the particulars:

Honestly, turbo ten is quite similar to fast five in that it is set up the same way. However, it is set up to help you lose 10 pounds and five inches in your first month. Now, 10 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, but I’m more impressed by the 5 inches. I find it harder to lose inches than pounds. On the new turbo ten plan, you get:

  • 21 meals meant to kick start your metabolism
  • 7 turbo shakes (these are protein shakes that contain probiotics which help with belly bloat and digestion.)
  • 7 nutricrush shakes (meant to help with hunger and cravings)

You are able to choose from over 150 popular choices plus free fed ex shipping. The price of the plan depends upon whether you’re going with the basic, core, or uniquely yours. However, as of this writing the plans are on sale. (I’ll post a coupon for $50 off at the end of this article.  Take advantage of it if you like.)  I will describe the plan and then tell you how much it costs currently. (Note that these prices were current when I wrote this, but prices do change sometimes.) The basic plan includes online resources and free shipping, but not the counseling. Plus the meals are selected for you, but it is the cheapest plan and has a great price point. (Currently priced at $269.99)

The core plan provides free counseling and the ability to hand pick your foods. (Being able to choose your own foods is necessary for many folks who consider themselves a little more picky.) The core plan is right at the middle in terms of expense. (Currently priced at $289.99.)

Uniquely Yours (this used to be the “select” plan) is the most expensive but it’s very popular because it allows you the frozen or gourmet foods which are very tasty. And unlike the select line, they now let you have as much frozen food in your package as you like. They don’t limit the amount of frozen meals anymore. You get the counseling and the ability to hand pick your meals with this plan also. (Currently priced at $334.99. Yes, this is more expensive, but if you look at the individual cost of the frozen meals, you will see that this price is very discounted and it’s a pretty decent deal. Plus this plan is the most popular and has the highest degree of satisfaction because you have more choices and the food is so good. Here’s the coupon code.  This is good for any of the plans (basic, core or uniquely yours.) Get $50 off plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

How To Do Nutrisystem Step By Step

November 18th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  This is the time of year that many people are motivated to get healthy.  It’s also the time of year that people are researching nutrisystem and trying to figure out the best and easiest way to place an order.  This article will outline the steps of this process to make things a little easier when getting started.

Step One: Chose The Right Plan For You:  The first step is deciding on your plan.  They offer plans for men and women.  After that, they offer: regular, traditional plans (men’s and women’s core, basic, and uniquely yours;) options for people with diabetes (nutrisystem D;) and plans for people over 65 (nutrisystem silver.)  Once you’ve narrowed it down that way, you’ll have to choose between what types of food, support, and selection you want.

You’ll be choosing between the core, uniquely yours, and basic lines. To make that decision, first ask yourself if you think that it is worth it to pay extra for the gourmet, frozen items, which make up the “uniquely yours” menu.  Some people will answer a definite yes. And if this describes you, then you will want to choose the uniquely yours plan.

Others will figure that there are some great options for the cheaper non frozen line.  If this is the case for you, then you’ll want to chose between the core and basic plan.  The difference between the two is that with the core plan, you get to hand pick your foods, get free shipping, and get access to counseling.  This plan costs a bit more than the basic, but you get to choose the foods you know that you will like.

The basic plan is the cheapest plan and there are some great food choices in there because it’s a sampling of popular foods.  You don’t get the free shipping or the counseling, but you still get all the free, online resources. And for some people, this is more than enough for a great price.

Choose Your Special Offer Or Applicable Discount:  Frankly, you should never order nutrisystem without looking at the specials.  Sometimes, it’s possible to go on the select plan without paying more simply because that plan is on special offer.  Sometimes, they deep discount all of the plans.  Other times, they offer a special, premium plan at a very low price (like the fast five promotion going on right now Get Fast 5 Plus and lose 5 lbs in your first week!)  Before you buy any plan, see what is on special.  You can save ALOT of money that way.

Line Up Your Sides:  I find that people tend to over-think this part.  People assume that you have to buy tons of specialty groceries.  You absolutely do not.  These sides are small and easy.  You may add in a piece of fruit.  Or a cup of yogurt. Or a handful of nuts. This is generally healthy snacks that you might be buying anyway for the rest of your family.  So you should not need to spend a lot of extra money here.

Check Out The Free Resources And Get The App:  I am always surprised at the people who have only used the nutrisystem website for their order and have never visited again. If you do this, you are missing out on so many features that will contribute to your success.  You can get recipes, track your progress, get tips, or share with others with the click of a mouse.  Yes, the counseling is great.  But sometimes you want to interact with other dieters.  There is also an app option for your phone.  (You can hook up with all of that on the company website here: NutriSystem, Inc.)  Studies show that people have more success when they have support and when they track what they are doing.  Nutrisystem has made this possible and easy and free.  Make sure you take advantage of this.

Choose Your Exercise And Remember It’s Only 30 Minutes Broken Up Any Way That You Want:  People tend to over-think this also.  They believe that they have to suddenly become athletes or learn a new work out regimen.  To be quite honest, nutrisystem does not ask a lot of you in terms of exercise.  All they are asking is thirty minutes of movement.  This could be two brisk 15 minute walks.  This could be three ten minutes sessions of roller blading.  Whatever you enjoy doing, do it in whatever combination gets you to thirty minutes per day.  It really is that simple.

Give Yourself Some Credit:  Many people have good experience in the beginning of the diet.  It’s designed to have you seeing results quickly. Many people are happy right out of the gate.  But of course, we all hit plateaus and have periods in our lives where it’s harder to be in compliance all of the time.

When you struggle, do not quit.  If you cheat, get back in compliance as soon as possible and don’t get mad at yourself.  This is normal.  You do not have to be perfect on this diet.  And you likely won’t be.  Do the best that you can and give yourself credit for stepping up the plate.  Nothing worthwhile is without effort.  But this is designed so that your efforts are rewarded.

What Is The Differences Between The My Way Core And Uniquely Yours On Nutrisystem?

November 15th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  There are some people who really want to use the nutrisystem plan, but who also need some flexibility – particularly on weekends.  Many of us have either work obligations or extra curricular activities that must be done on the run with our children.  This makes sticking to our diet on the weekends a bit of a challenge.  And since we have our families home with us on weekends, it’s nice to be able to enjoy family meals without having to eat your diet food on your own.  I think that nutrisystem developed “my way” with this type of lifestyle in mind.

Essentially, the plan works like all of the other, 7 day plans, except for with “my way,” you are eating sensibly on weekends with your own food. Theoretically, your “off” days don’t have to be on weekends.  You could pick any two days, as you are given enough food for five days each week.  But most people take weekends off.  As far as pricing goes, you have a couple of choices.  You can choose the core plan or the uniquely yours plan. The biggest difference between the two plans is this: uniquely yours allows you access to the gourmet, frozen meals, while the core menu includes the ready-to-go meals which are not frozen.  That is why uniquely yours is a bit more expensive, averaging at around $10.00 per day while the core plan is around $9.00 per day before coupons.   You can also choose whether you want to go with the favorites plan (where they send you the most popular foods) or if you want to pick your own foods off the menu.  There is no difference in price when choosing your own foods on “my way.”  The company does provide you with a lot of resources to help you to make good choices during your days off.

If you are going to be on this plan for more than a month, the cheaper route might be to just go with a regular package and take weekends off on your own.   The 7 day core plan does not cost that much more than the “my way” plan, but you’d be getting two additional days of meals per week, or 8 more days of meals per month.  That’s a lot more food for not that much more money. That would give you almost two weeks free if you continue on with “my way,” making your cost per meal a little cheaper.  The foods are not any different – you’re just being given 5 meals per day on “my way” and 7 meals per day with the regular plan.  Nothing says you can’t just save those two additional meals and then use them for additional weeks, so that you’d end up saving money.  This only works (and saves) though if you’re going to be on the diet for longer than a month.  Here are the latest nutrisystem coupons: Save $80 on Uniquely Yours + Free Shipping at! or Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

What’s The Difference Between Nutrisystem Turbo Ten (10) Shakes And Regular Protein Shakes?

October 19th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  Perhaps one of the most popular items that comes with the new turbo 10 packages are the shakes.  And although many are intrigued with the idea of loosing such a high amount of pounds and inches in a month, they wonder if they could replicate at least some of the plan themselves.  Since the shakes are so popular, that is where many people will look to make replacements.  Many people order additional turbo 10 shakes simply because they enjoy them that much and receiving one box just isn’t enough.  So they wonder if they could just pick up some protein shakes at their local grocery store.  A comment might go something like this: “I get that the nutrisystem turbo 10 shakes are really high-quality protein shakes.  But I always run out.  So could I just use grocery store shakes instead?  Would it be as effective in terms of weight loss?”

I’m sure that everyone is different as far as results go.  But we can look at the nutritional information of some popular shakes and compare them to the turbo 10 shakes.  From looking at many different grocery store shakes, a few immediate differences jump out at me.  The grocery store shakes have more calories and not as much fiber.  Let’s take a look.  Nutrisystem’s chocolate turbo 10 shake only has 130 calories and it has 5 grams of fiber, which for a shake, is quite a bit.  This helps to keep you full and it keeps blood sugar stable – both of which are important.

Now let’s compare some popular grocery store shakes.  Muscle Milk’s chocolate ready-to-drink shake has 180 calories and only two grams of fiber.  The nutrisystem shake has over double the fiber and 50 less calories.  Over time, this can become significant.  Let’s look at a few more examples.  Premiere Protein’s chocolate shake is a little better calorie-wise, but it still has 160 calories and 3 grams of fiber. And while boost brand shakes have 3 grams of fiber, the calorie content is quite high – at 240 calories.

Outside of nutrition, if you read the reviews for the nutrisystem shakes, you will see that they are rated very positively for their taste and texture.  That is not the case for some of the grocery store shakes that I have listed above. Not only that, but if you haven’t looked at the cost of protein shakes in the grocery store lately, you might be in for a surprise.  Many are no cheaper than the nutrisystem shakes and some are more expensive.  Plus if you really love the shakes and buy a lot of them if you sign up for “a la carte my way,” you could get them a lot cheaper. Of course, the cheapest way to get them in through the turbo ten package, but many people want more shakes than that.  Here is the latest nutrisystem special Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

Nutrisystem 40 Percent Off Sale For Turbo 10: How Does It Work?

September 22nd, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  When you go to the nutrisystem website lately or you are on other websites (like this one) and nutrisystem coupons pop up, you might notice that they are currently offering 40% off with the turbo ten special.

People sometimes ask me how this works.  They want to know: Are you getting 40% off of the turbo 10 items only?  Is it 40% off of the entire package?  Are the turbo 10 items free?  I’ll answer these questions by looking at the pricing of the packages below.

First, I’ll look at the “Uniquely Yours” plan because it is the most popular plan.  With this plan, you get the premiere, gourmet, frozen foods. If you were to order this plan as of this writing, it would cost you $334.99 and this INCLUDES all of the turbo 10 goodies including the free food and the shakes (for a total of 14.)  The normal price of this plan is $515.37, which as you can see is about 40 percent off AND you are getting the free turbo ten.

Now, let’s move onto the core plan, which also includes free shipping and does allow some customization with the food.  You don’t get frozen meals with this one, but there are some really good, popular foods included with this plan. As of this writing, this plan costs $294.99.  It’s original price is 453.83, which again is about 40% off.  Again with this plan, turbo 10 is included. Here is the link: Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

You will see this reduction all over the site.  Here’s another example.  The vegetarian plan includes turbo 10 also.  It’s currently priced at $334.99 – exactly like the “Uniquely Yours” plan.  Now let’s look at the diabetic plan.  The turbo 10 is not included in this plan, but the plan is still heavily discounted.  You can choose the “uniquely yours” version of the plan where you get the premiere frozen meals or you can get the core version of the plan. The diabetic plan with the frozen meals is – you guessed it – $334.99 and if you’re going with the core it’s $294.99.

And yes, all of these prices are 40% off of the regular price and with the exception of the diabetic plans, turbo 10 with the speciality foods and the shakes are included.  It’s a very good deal, but it’s only good for folks who are purchasing nutrisystem for the first time.  People sometimes ask me why turbo 10 isn’t included in nutrisystem D.  I’d encourage you to go to the site and officially ask the counselors because I have no first hand knowledge, but I’d suspect that it has to do with the turbo 10 foods not being quite glycemic friendly enough to be alignment with the D plan standards.  They take diabetes very seriously, as they certainly should, so all of the foods included in that plan are very glycemic friendly.