Does Nutrisystem Tell You When To Eat And What You’re Supposed To Be Eating?

July 17th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: It’s normal to feel a little worry and apprehension when you’re starting a diet. You don’t want to fail. You don’t want to be disappointed. And you don’t want your results to suffer because you did something wrong. To that end, people often are hoping that nutrisystem will give you so many instructions that you can’t possibly fail or do anything wrong.

Someone might ask: “will nutrisystem tell you what to eat and when? I want to make sure that I’m eating the right thing at the right time so that I get the results that I expect.”

I understand your concern. But quite frankly this plan is easy to follow and you really won’t need anyone to spell it out for you.  I think that they keep things flexible because not every one is going to eat their meals at the same time. Some people work nights. Some people prefer to eat later in the day because they don’t like to eat an early breakfast. So, one plan is not going to work for everyone. They probably want you to have the flexibility to make this as easy for you as it can possibly be. However, to give you an idea of how a day might look, nutrisystem does have some suggestions of meals, snacks, and timing on their website (which you can see here

Here’s what a typical day might look like.

Breakfast: Turkey sausage and egg muffin with cheese – diet meal, provided.

Morning Snack: High protein yogurt with berries (provided by you, with add in groceries. This snack would be a power fuel and a smart carb.)

Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla and salad. (The Quesadilla is provided by the diet. The salad would be provided by you.)

Afternoon Snack: Veggies with no fat dip and slice of cheese. (This would be provided for you. It includes a serving of dairy, a healthy fat, and vegetables.)

Dinner: Pizza with pears. (The pizza would be a diet meal and you would provide the pears, which are considered a smartcarb.)

Dessert: Ice Cream Sandwich. (This is provided by the diet.)

Hopefully, these samples will show you that the day is sort of scheduled, but flexible. It’s pretty easy to follow. You’ll have your regular main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and these are provided for you.  But you’ll also have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack and a dessert. The timing of this isn’t laid out for you. It’s meant to work with whatever schedule you have. They don’t tell you what meal to eat because they want for you to have a choice based on cravings or what you feel like eating that day.

But it would be hard to get anything wrong. You just pick the meals that you feel like eating that day and have your snacks. If you’re still interested in starting nutrisystem, you can check out the latest specials here.

How Many Frozen Meals Can You Have A Day On Nutrisystem?

July 10th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  Many people can easily take one look at the frozen food options on nutrisystem and have the theory that these meals are the best that the diet has to offer.  And most people who’ve tried these foods agree that this is true.  Even though the select line with the frozen meals is the most expensive plan, it’s very popular.

People have other assumptions about the select line also. Many worry that the foods are going to be higher in calories.  So they worry that they’re going to be limited as to how many of these they’ll be able to consume in any given day.  Someone might ask: “I have done a lot of research on my options with nutrisystem and I have decided that the select line is going to be the best for me.  I don’t have patience for food that doesn’t taste really good, so I think that this going to be my best option.  I’m wondering though if you have to stagger your frozen meals. If I ate three in one day, would this ruin my diet?”

I’d strongly suggest that you reach out to a nutrisystem counselor here (, but my opinion is that it would not hurt anything to eat three frozen meals in a day. The reason for this is that the select meals are designed to be interchangeable with all of the other meals.  They are not higher in calories or carbs. For example, the apple cinnamon oatmeal (non frozen) is 130 calories.  And the french toast (frozen, and a select entree) is only 120 calories.  Rest assured that the select meals compare very closely with any of the other meals in terms of calories, carbs, and nutrition.

Here is something to think about though.  When you order a select package, you get ten days’ worth of frozen meals and 18 days’ worth of ready to eat meals.  So, many people stagger their frozen meals so that they can enjoy them all through the month.  If you were to make a habit of eating three select, frozen meals in one day, you would run out of them before the end of the month arrives.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about this.  You can eat your meals in any order that you like – as long as you fit in every thing for the day.  So there’s no calorie restriction for three select meals in one day.  But, many people do mix select meals with ready to eat meals in one day simply to be able to enjoy the frozen meals throughout the entire month.  It really is just a personal preference.  You can check to see if there are any specials on the select plan here.

Does The Nutrisystem Fast Five Work?

June 19th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I’ve been getting a lot of correspondence asking about nutrisystem’s new fast five. People sometimes wants to know what it’s about, what it includes, and how it works. If that describes your questions, you can read more here.  But mostly, people get the general idea of what it is (and how could you not with nutrisystem aggressively advertising it on TV so often right now?) but what most are more interested in is whether or not it actually works.

Since it’s new, you really just have people’s personal experience to go on. It’s so new that I haven’t yet seen any studies regarding it. I’ve heard good feedback on its aggressive pricing, money back guarantee, and all that is included for free. I’ve even seen some posting on forums where the posters outline that they’ve had good initial results.

I think that this makes sense, when you think about it. Most people do find that, so long as they follow the instructions, the first couple of weeks on any diet is pretty encouraging. Sure, it may be an adjustment for your body. But in terms of results, the early days often mean that you haven’t yet reached a plateau and your body isn’t used to the diet yet.

But in addition to this, the fast five plan takes this a step further to ensure that you are going to have an easier time succeeding. They give you the appetite suppression shakes to help you with hunger. They give you the metabolism shakes to help you have a higher burning metabolism and they give you a money back guarantee so that you don’t have as much anxiety going into the process.

In that sense, they have tried to address the thing big concerns that most dieters have – hunger, effectiveness, and cost. I think that this was very smart. Because it gets people trying the plan and the hope is that once those same people see the results in terms of weight loss and how they look and feel, they will continue along.  Plus, most of us are going to be much more encouraged when we have fast and dramatic results.

It’s my guess that the fast five would work in that you would most definitely be taking in fewer calories and you would have an easier time than you might other wise have. Plus, by offering the money back guarantee, they’ve made it so that you have very little to lose. If you don’t like it or you don’t get results, you can get your money back. But many people (especially at this time of the year) think it’s definitely worth a try.

And the shakes are getting great reviews for taste and for how filling they are. The shakes aren’t always included in this diet. (You often have to pay for them separately at other times during the year.) So I would suggest that if you are interested, the fast five works out to be a very good deal at a very good time to try nutrisystem. Here is a link to that offer. Jump-start your weight loss with the ALL-NEW FAST 5? – ??FREE with Nutrisystem My Way program!

Which Foods Come Frozen On Nutrisystem? Are They All Frozen Now?

June 19th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  As nutrisystem gets more and more frozen entrees that are offered with the “select” line of meals, people sometimes assume that nutrisystem is moving toward being a plan where all meals are frozen.

Someone might ask: “I’m starting to see many more frozen foods on nutrisystem.  Are all of the meals frozen at this point?  Are they all going to be frozen soon?  I have thought about placing an order for some of those foods, but I also like some of the non frozen items in the past – like the flat bread pizza.  I don’t want for some of those favorites to go away.”

You don’t have to worry.   Only a portion of the meals are frozen.  And if you don’t like the idea of them, then you can order off of any of the other lines (like the basic or core) and you will not have any frozen meals.  You only get these meals if you order the “select” line.  And even then, not every meal is frozen.  You get a combination of the soft canned also.  Below, I will tell you which meals are currently frozen.  And I want to stress that there are still many options that don’t even need to be refrigerated.

 Breakfast Meals That Are On The Select Line And Frozen:

Breakfast Burrito

Buttermilk Waffles

Canadian Bacon And Egg With Biscuit

Cinnamon Roll

Egg And Turkey Sausage Roll

French Toast

Homestyle Pancakes

Turkey, Ham, And Cheese Omelets

Turkey, Sausage, And Egg MuffinFrozen


(Select) Lunch Entrees:

Beef, Cheese, And Bean Burrito

Broccoli And Cheese Melt

Chicken And Cheese Quesadilla

Chicken Fajita Melt

Chicken Parmesan Melt

Four Cheese Melt

Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Italian Style Turkey And Italian Sausage Melt

Meatball Parmesan Melt

Pepperoni Pizza Melt

Southwestern Fiesta Melt

Steak And Cheese Melt


Frozen Nutrisystem Dinners On the Select Line:

(Note:  The following are from the Chef’s Table line – which were developed by professional chef’s)

Arroz Con Pollo

Cavatelli With Broccoli Pesto

Ginger Cashew Chicken

Orzo, Shrimp, And Lobster Langostino

Steak Taglita

Whole Wheat Riccota Crepes

Grilled Chicken Sausage With Peppers

Spaghetti Primavera With Chicken Meatballs

Tilapia With Asparagus And Rice

(Note: this is the end of the Chef’s Table line.  The next items listed are not part of this line.)

Chicken Enchilada

Chicken Primavera

Italian Sausage And Turkey Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast

Ravioli Formaggio

Roasted Turkey Medallions

Salisbury Steak And Mac And Cheese

Stuffed Shells

Sweet And Sour Chicken

Broccoli And Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast


Frozen Desserts And Snacks On Nutrisystem:

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie

Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Chocolate Cupcake

Fudge Bar

Ice Cream Sandwich

Orange Cream Bar

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Stuffed Apple Pie

Whole Grain Pretzel

I want to note that although you see a lot of frozen items here, they are actually a smaller percentage of the menu.  There are more items that are actually not part of this line than that are.  So it is not a problem to get a large amount of choices of both types of foods.


June 10th, 2014

Welcome to my review website which features many articles about how to have success on the nutrisystem diet. I hope that you find something here that is useful to you and helps you make decisions about, or have success on, this diet. Nutrisystem is a pretty straightforward diet.  There’s no weigh ins, counting calories, or anything to keep track of, really.

Basically you just eat the foods that they send you, add in fresh fruit, dairy, or vegetables, and exercise as you see fit.   You eat three meals and two snacks / desserts per day.  The food is pretty good, but the gourmet and select line is a little better.  One thing that I find really cool about nutrisystem is that you do get to eat comfort type foods that normally aren’t allowed on diets – like pizza, tacos, ravioli, macaroni, chocolate cake, cheese puffs,  ice cream sandwiches, etc.   Many foods that are off limits on other diets are allowed here, as long as you eat their modified foods, many of which are not half bad.  They do allow you the option of hand picking your foods if you know of some foods that you like better than others.  I can’t think of any foods that are truly awful, but of course as with any diet, some are better than others.  One thing that really helps is the fact that nutrisystem allows users to rank their foods.  You can go on their menu and see how other people have liked or disliked the foods and why.  So, if you see a food with five stars, you can be relatively confident that this is a food that most people like.

You can also chose between the part time flex program and many of the full time regular programs, depending on how much weight you have to lose and how much time and money you want to spend.  Hopefully, the articles below give you enough information to evaluate if this diet is right for you, but if not, you can check out my free nutrisystem ebook here.  You can see the latest nutrisystem coupons here.

This site’s terms of service are here.

Does Nutrisystem Cause Yeast Infections?

June 10th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: Occasionally I’ll hear from or read about someone who thinks that beginning the nutrisystem diet caused something to happen in their life.  Once such example is yeast infections.

Someone might ask: “In the past, I’ve had serious issues with yeast infections.  Through being careful with my diet and taking preventative measures, I’ve mostly got this under control.  I’ve been on the program for almost a month and I’m happy with my weight loss, but I have a yeast infection and I’m wondering if the diet caused it?”

That’s hard to say because nutrisystem is actually glycemic friendly and pretty low in sugars.  And frankly, I’m not a doctor, but when I get a yeast infection, it’s usually because I’ve been overdoing my sugar.  But that’s only my experience.  Nutrisystem does make use of sugar alcohols to keep the sugar down.  So if you are sensitive to those, then that may be the culprit.

Also, you’re asked to add in fresh and healthful side items.  Because fruit is often preferred over vegetables, many people find themselves eating more fruit than they usually would on this diet.  If you’re someone who knows that a certain fruit may make you have an infection, have a look at your sides and see if you are including too much of any particular food.

It also might be a good idea to make sure that you are choosing low glycemic fruits with lower amounts of natural sugars like blueberries or blackberries.  I don’t know of any particular ingredient in the diet that would cause a yeast infection.

I suspect that it’s more a change in the way that you’re eating.  With a little detective work, hopefully you can isolate what it is and then tweak it.  And, as I’m sure you already know, it’s very important to continue on with those preventive measures like wiping from front to back, not wearing tight underwear, making sure undergarments are cotton, and urinating and drinking water after intercourse.

Many people find that their body adjusts to the diet pretty quickly.  Changes in your diet can affect your body sometimes.  But I would hope that this issue is short lived.  I know first hand that yeast infections are no fun.  But I think that if you are careful, you can be on nutrisytem and still avoid those foods that have been triggers for you in the past.  The key is knowing which foods are affecting you.  I’d suspect it’s most likely the sides you are adding in, but I’m certainly not an expert and I’d suggest reaching out to one of the nutrisystem counselors.  You can assess a counselor here:

What Happens If I Am On Nutrisystem But Have A Special Event To Attend?

June 3rd, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I sometimes hear from people who are very interested in trying the nutrisystem diet. But they are concerned about what is going to happen when they have a special occasion that they have to attend. So, they are hesitant because they just aren’t sure as to how this is going to work. And they don’t want to commit to a diet where they are going to feel guilty for occasionally living their life.

As an example, I might hear a comment like: “I am interested in nutrisystem. I looked at the menu on the website and many of the foods interest me. I think that it might be a good fit, but I have concerns. I don’t see anything on the website about being able to take a meal or two off sometimes. My sister is getting married this summer. In addition the ceremony itself, there are going to be all types of outings and get togethers.  Like showers and parties. So what will happen then? Do I have to skip a meal on the day that I know I have a special occasion to make up for it? Is this sort of thing allowed?”

While you may not find a lot of literature about taking time off for a special occasion on nutrisystem, I can tell you that it is occasionally done. I would highly recommend that you take this question to nutrisystem and ask them this question via telephone or live chat in order to get an official answer. (You can link up to nutrisystem via this link: But here is my take on it and here is what I commonly see done. I don’t think it’s a crime to give yourself permission to enjoy a special occasion every once in a while. In fact, nutrisystem does have a part time plan called “nutrisystem flex” where the folks on that plan take two days off every week. And, from what I have heard, many folks are quite happy with their results, even with the days off. Of course, one key to this is that the dieters are highly encouraged to eat sensibly on the days that they take off.  It’s common sense that you won’t have as good of results if you use those days off for regular pig out sessions each and every week.  That’s just common sense.  However, this plan is a good indication that there is room for flexibility in the diet.

And, I don’t think that taking off for a special occasion is going to be the end of the world. In my own life, I have navigated this by trying not to build the thing up so that it’s a big deal. I know that some people will try to cut back on their eating before the event in an attempt to save calories so that when they do indulge, they are keeping the extra calories down. But I have never found that to work well for me. I just end up getting anxious about it, then I get hungry because I’ve been skipping meals. So I end up eating more than I otherwise would have. And then I feel guilty afterward to boot.  So it’s anxiety followed by guilt which is never a good combination.  So, all in all, the whole thing is just disappointing.

For me, I’ve found that the best thing that do is to eat normally before the big event and then to just try to be reasonable at that time. It is better to cheat with fat and protein than with carbs and sugar. But if this isn’t possible, I don’t get upset. I give myself permission to be totally present in the moment and that means enjoying myself. And the next day, you can bet that I am right back to my normal schedule.

I think that this is the best way to handle it. Go ahead and allow yourself that special occasion and then just carry on. Sure, your results may vary a little for that particular week. But by getting back on the plan right away, your monthly results should still be OK.

What Happens If I Hit A Plateau On Nutrisystem?

May 21st, 2014

By: Ava Alderman:  It’s normal to worry about having struggles with your diet before you have even begun that diet.  Many of us are in the habit of almost sabotaging ourselves by worrying about issues that we are sure are going to hamper us.  We’re sure that we will be hungry.  We are sure that we will cheat.  We are sure that we will do something wrong.  And we are sure that we will hit a plateau.  And we wonder how we are going to overcome it when these things happen.

Someone may say: “I have a good friend who has had fabulous results with nutrisystem.  She was losing a good deal of weight every week and she looks wonderful. However, last week she seemed to hit a plateau and she actually gained some weight.  She seems to be handling it pretty well.  But I’m afraid of what might happen to me in the same situation.  I am easily discouraged.  So what will happen when I hit a plateau?”

Well, I think that you are selling yourself short by worrying about it before you’ve even started.  But plateaus are a normal part of dieting.  And they don’t last forever.  Have you known anyone who hit a plateau and stayed the course and never came out of it or never continued to lose weight?  Probably not, because they are temporary by nature.  They are annoying and discouraging.  But if you stay the course and follow some tips, they end.  Here are a few things to remember when you hit them.

Be Sure This Is Actually A Plateau:  It is normal for weight loss to slow after a little while.  Many people have quick and dramatic results for the first couple of weeks and then they find that they have a week of slower weight loss that they weren’t expecting because they had become so used to seeing such great numbers.  This isn’t necessarily a plateau.  It may be the normal leveling off.  The more weight you lose, the lower your body weight percentage is going to be.  So a five percent weight loss when you weight 300 pounds is 15 pounds.  But if you only weigh 150 pounds, then the same five percent weight loss is only seven and a half pounds.  So you can see how weekly, as your weight lowers, that percentage is going to smaller which means that the pounds are going to gradually be less.

If You’ve Stopped Recording Your Meals And Tracking Your Progress, Go Right Back To It:  It’s probably no coincidence that we hit plateaus as we become comfortable on our diets.  And when we become comfortable, we can inadvertently eat more than we thought.  If you’re not tracking your meals, water intake, weight and exercise, start back.  You may be adding in more food than you think.

And, one of the best ways to troubleshoot this is to get in touch with a nutrisystem counselor.  The counselor is going to ask for information that will be very easy to retrieve if you have been tracking everything.  So make sure that you don’t skip this step.  It will give your counselor and yourself valuable information.

Back To Basics:  When you look at your tracker, make sure that you are still covering the basics.  Are you eating all of your meals. (Believe it or not, it’s common to hit a plateau when you are eating too little.)  Are you drinking all of your water?  Are you doing your daily movement?  Are you adding all of your grocery additions and not skipping that?

Sometimes people begin to think that they don’t need the fresh sides or the additional water.  Don’t fool yourself.  These are there for a reason.  To keep up the weight loss and the increased metabolism, your body needs a means to fuel itself.  It does this with water and food.  If you don’t give it these resources, it can’t do it’s job of losing weight.

Change It Up:  Sometimes, a plateau comes because our body quickly gets used to what we are doing.  If you’re doing the same exercise routine, try switching it up.  If you’ve developed favorite nutrisytem meals and snacks that you’re eating very regularly, try something new.  But don’t mistake this to mean that you need to take away food or add more exercise.  You shouldn’t and that could make things worse.  Just do what you are doing but in different ways.  Different exercise.  Different foods.  Perhaps in a different order.

Do Not Get Discouraged:  Plateaus are normal. And in a sense, they are reassuring.  Because if you hadn’t gotten used to impressive and steady weight loss, you would not be so disappointed to see one.  But remember that they are temporary.  Don’t allow this to derail you.  Stay the course.  Know that this is normal. Reach out to your counselor. And this should soon be a thing of the past.  You can reach out to a nutrisystem counseling by following this link to the website.  Then, go to the tools and community link.

What Are The Best Nutrisystem Frozen Meals In 2014?

April 29th, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I think it’s pretty well accepted that nutrisystem’s frozen select line offers some of the best foods on the nutrisystem menu.  But, one of the benefits of upgrading to the select line is that you get to hand pick your own foods.  People often wonder which foods they will like and which are the best.

I can and will tell you which select foods I like best in each category.   I’ll list what I believe are the top three.

The Best Frozen Breakfasts On Nutrisystem (The Top 3)  There are a lot of nice frozen breakfast options, including french toast, pancakes, waffles, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches.  Here are my top three:

1. The waffles.  These taste very close to the frozen kind you ate as a kid.  But they are diet friendly.  Obviously, they are healthier for you than the kid version, but they taste just as good and they are rated a perfect five stars.

2. I also like the turkey egg sandwich.  This taste a little like a McDonald’s egg McMuffin, but obviously it is turkey instead of pork sausage.

3. The third item on my list is the cinnamon roll simply because it taste so far away from diet food.  Who would ever think you could have a cream cheese frosting topped cinnamon roll on a diet?

Here are what I think are the top frozen nutrisystem lunches.

1. The hamburger:  Here’s another food that many people believe that you can’t have on a diet.  You might suppose that this is going to be a skimpy little patty where you can barely taste the meat.  It’s isn’t.  As far as hamburgers go, it’s pretty thick and juicy – which is probably why its rated a nearly perfect five stars.

2. The four cheese melt:  This reminds me a little of a hot pocket.  It’s basically tomato sauce and cheese melted into a bread crust. It’s crispy outside but gooey and cheesy inside.  It’s fabulous.

3. The beef, cheese, and bean burrito:  I love bean burritos.  I love taco bell’s bean burrito and Amy’s frozen one.  This is a nice option also and I like the addition of the rice because it makes it a lot more filling.  And I love the fact that it contains both beef and beans.  There’s also a little spice to this with the addition of green chiles.

The Best Three Nutrisystem Frozen Dinners: 

1. Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast:  This is a very tasty and elegant dinner.  It looks pretty fancy.  When you cut into the chicken, you see that it’s been stuffed with broccoli, cheese, garlic, and rosemary.  I’m not a huge fan of broccoli most of the time, but this dish is very good and one of my favorites.

2. The Italian sausage and turkey pizza:  The fact that you get to have pizza on a diet is great. But this is a good pizza, with crispy, non cardboard crust and an ample amount of cheese.

3. Salisbury steak with macaroni and cheese:  I will admit that when I was a little girl, I used to love the frozen version of salisbury steak that had the little apple pie that came with it.  This version is even better and as a bonus it’s paired with macaroni and cheese.

The Best Nutrisystem Select Desserts And Snacks.

1. The ice cream sandwich:  I love the combination of the soft vanilla ice cream with the crunchy chocolate cookie.  It’s hard not to like ice cream held together by a cookie sandwich.

2. The chocolate cupcake: You might see a chocolate theme here, but if having a chocolate cupcake isn’t good enough, there’s frosting on top of this also.  It’s very yummy.

3. The whole grain soft pretzel:  You know how you get those big pretzels are sporting events?  This pretzel is a lot like those.  Although this is made with whole wheat flour for a nutritional boost, it still taste very good, especially with a little mustard.

These items are currently on sale.  You can see the latest specials on the right side of this blog. (At the top. On the right.)

Do You Have To Buy Vegetables On Nutrisystem?

April 22nd, 2014

By: Ava Alderman: I sometimes hear from people who want to start nutrisystem and who are trying to plan things out to make sure that they have everything that they need. Many want to know what types of foods they might have to buy. To that end, I get a lot of questions about vegetables.

I might have someone ask: “will I have to buy my own vegetables on nutrisystem? Or are they provided? And if I do have to buy them, how much are we talking about?”

There are some vegetables that are included in the diet meals that are provided. Here are just a couple of examples. The Chef’s Table™ Steak Tagliata comes with spinach. The chicken pot pie is filled with carrots, peas and potatoes. There are other examples as well. But, you get to add fresh sides to your prepackaged diet meals. And since many vegetables have serving sizes that are unlimited, many people want to take advantage of this. The starchy vegetables are put into the fruit category, but any vegetable that is categorized as such allows you to eat as much of it as you want. There are many vegetables on this unlimited list, but I will give you just some examples, bell peppers, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and mustard greens are included to just name a few.

Lima beans and sweet peas are example of vegetables placed in the fruit category which are not unlimited. But yes, you will need to provide your own vegetables for your sides. This really doesn’t need to be too elaborate or expensive, depending upon how much vegetables you plan to eat. As far as sides go, we’re just talking about celery sticks or some beans, etc.

You can also make up a large salad to eat throughout the day since most vegetables in salad or unlimited. I know that some people scoff at this. But it really is nice knowing that should you get hungry, you always have this to fall back on. So you will never be in situation where you want something to eat and can’t have anything. When you are dieting, that can really make a huge difference.

I know that vegetables can sometimes be expensive as opposed to other types of foods, but they are also higher quality and more nutritionally dense. I have gotten used to them over time and now I don’t mind them nearly as much because they have helped to change my body and the way that I feel. I sometimes find that buying them from a farmer’s market or produce stand is a little cheaper. I cut them up ahead of time and keep them in plastic bags or containers so that I can just grab and go.

Also, keep in mind that you can also add in fruit, dairy or protein.  You aren’t limited to just vegetables.  If you’d like more information about the sides, you can follow this link to the nutrisystem website.  Click on “tools and community.” Then, go to the grocery guide and you’ll see a list of everything that you can add in. Jump-start your weight loss with the ALL-NEW FAST 5 – FREE with Nutrisystem My Way program!