What’s The Difference Between Nutrisystem Turbo Ten (10) Shakes And Regular Protein Shakes?

October 19th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  Perhaps one of the most popular items that comes with the new turbo 10 packages are the shakes.  And although many are intrigued with the idea of loosing such a high amount of pounds and inches in a month, they wonder if they could replicate at least some of the plan themselves.  Since the shakes are so popular, that is where many people will look to make replacements.  Many people order additional turbo 10 shakes simply because they enjoy them that much and receiving one box just isn’t enough.  So they wonder if they could just pick up some protein shakes at their local grocery store.  A comment might go something like this: “I get that the nutrisystem turbo 10 shakes are really high-quality protein shakes.  But I always run out.  So could I just use grocery store shakes instead?  Would it be as effective in terms of weight loss?”

I’m sure that everyone is different as far as results go.  But we can look at the nutritional information of some popular shakes and compare them to the turbo 10 shakes.  From looking at many different grocery store shakes, a few immediate differences jump out at me.  The grocery store shakes have more calories and not as much fiber.  Let’s take a look.  Nutrisystem’s chocolate turbo 10 shake only has 130 calories and it has 5 grams of fiber, which for a shake, is quite a bit.  This helps to keep you full and it keeps blood sugar stable – both of which are important.

Now let’s compare some popular grocery store shakes.  Muscle Milk’s chocolate ready-to-drink shake has 180 calories and only two grams of fiber.  The nutrisystem shake has over double the fiber and 50 less calories.  Over time, this can become significant.  Let’s look at a few more examples.  Premiere Protein’s chocolate shake is a little better calorie-wise, but it still has 160 calories and 3 grams of fiber. And while boost brand shakes have 3 grams of fiber, the calorie content is quite high – at 240 calories.

Outside of nutrition, if you read the reviews for the nutrisystem shakes, you will see that they are rated very positively for their taste and texture.  That is not the case for some of the grocery store shakes that I have listed above. Not only that, but if you haven’t looked at the cost of protein shakes in the grocery store lately, you might be in for a surprise.  Many are no cheaper than the nutrisystem shakes and some are more expensive.  Plus if you really love the shakes and buy a lot of them if you sign up for “a la carte my way,” you could get them a lot cheaper. Of course, the cheapest way to get them in through the turbo ten package, but many people want more shakes than that.  Here is the latest nutrisystem special Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

Nutrisystem 40 Percent Off Sale For Turbo 10: How Does It Work?

September 22nd, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  When you go to the nutrisystem website lately or you are on other websites (like this one) and nutrisystem coupons pop up, you might notice that they are currently offering 40% off with the turbo ten special.

People sometimes ask me how this works.  They want to know: Are you getting 40% off of the turbo 10 items only?  Is it 40% off of the entire package?  Are the turbo 10 items free?  I’ll answer these questions by looking at the pricing of the packages below.

First, I’ll look at the “Uniquely Yours” plan because it is the most popular plan.  With this plan, you get the premiere, gourmet, frozen foods. If you were to order this plan as of this writing, it would cost you $334.99 and this INCLUDES all of the turbo 10 goodies including the free food and the shakes (for a total of 14.)  The normal price of this plan is $515.37, which as you can see is about 40 percent off AND you are getting the free turbo ten.

Now, let’s move onto the core plan, which also includes free shipping and does allow some customization with the food.  You don’t get frozen meals with this one, but there are some really good, popular foods included with this plan. As of this writing, this plan costs $294.99.  It’s original price is 453.83, which again is about 40% off.  Again with this plan, turbo 10 is included. Here is the link: Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

You will see this reduction all over the site.  Here’s another example.  The vegetarian plan includes turbo 10 also.  It’s currently priced at $334.99 – exactly like the “Uniquely Yours” plan.  Now let’s look at the diabetic plan.  The turbo 10 is not included in this plan, but the plan is still heavily discounted.  You can choose the “uniquely yours” version of the plan where you get the premiere frozen meals or you can get the core version of the plan. The diabetic plan with the frozen meals is – you guessed it – $334.99 and if you’re going with the core it’s $294.99.

And yes, all of these prices are 40% off of the regular price and with the exception of the diabetic plans, turbo 10 with the speciality foods and the shakes are included.  It’s a very good deal, but it’s only good for folks who are purchasing nutrisystem for the first time.  People sometimes ask me why turbo 10 isn’t included in nutrisystem D.  I’d encourage you to go to the site and officially ask the counselors because I have no first hand knowledge, but I’d suspect that it has to do with the turbo 10 foods not being quite glycemic friendly enough to be alignment with the D plan standards.  They take diabetes very seriously, as they certainly should, so all of the foods included in that plan are very glycemic friendly.

Are Regular Snack Foods Compatible With And Comparable To Nutrisystem?

September 22nd, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: I think that most people on any diet are looking to save money while being on it.  Some of them are looking for ways to incorporate regular grocery store food into the diet while having the same results. Someone might ask about the snacks on nutrisystem. A common question is one like this: “I am wondering if I could substitute regular snack foods for some of the nutrisystem snacks. For example, what about the pretzels? Can’t I just get regular pretzels?”

This is an understandable request, but it can be very difficult to achieve the same results when doing this.  Here’s why.  The diet foods have been tweaked in order to make them lower in calories, fats, and carbs and higher in protein and fiber.  This is very important because even small differences add up and affect the pounds lost (or not lost) at the end of the week. So while the nutrisystem pretzels may look like regular pretzels, that is where the similarities end.  In this article, I’ll compare regular snack foods with some of the nutrisystem snacks to show you what I mean.

Let’s start out with those pretzels. Regular rold gold brand pretzels (the rods) have 110 calories, 23 grams of carbs, and 3 grams of protein.  The nutrisystem pretzels have 100 calories, only 13 grams of carbs, and 8 grams of protein.  That’s about half the carbs and about twice the protein and this is very important.

Now, let’s look at another comparison. Let’s look at the nacho cheese tortillas.  These are comparable to Doritos in terms of appearance and taste.  The diet version contains 130 calories and five grams of fat.  Now, let’s look at regular Doritos.  They contain 140 calories and 8 grams of fat.  It’s the 3 extra fat grams that are the real difference here.  It may not seem like much, but over the course of a day or a week, it totally adds up.

Let’s look at the cheese puffs.  Nutrisystem’s version has 150 calories and 5 grams of fat.  Cheetos cheese puffs has the same amount of calories but double the fat at 10 grams.

Here’s another comparison – the protein bar. The nutrisystem chocolate carmel protein bar has 150 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and 9 grams of protein. Quaker’s chewy chocolate and salted carmel bar (which you can get at any grocery store) contains 170 calories, 6 grams of fat and only two grams of protein. That’s a lot more fat and a lot less protein.

Now, let’s look at a sweet option. The nutrisystem chocolate cookie sandwich looks very similar to an oreo but there’s a big difference in the protein content.  This cookie has 170 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 7 grams of protein.  It is higher in fat and calories than the regular diet foods which is why it’s classified as a dessert and considered a treat. Now, let’s look at regular oreos.  Honestly, they are almost identical in terms of calories and fat, but the protein is very different.  The diet version has 7 grams while the regular version only has 1 gram.  This is significant because it changes the way that your body will metabolize this.  And it helps your body burn fat.

These small differences add up over the course of a day. A few extra calories and fat grams paired with a lack of protein to even things out means that the weight may not come off as quickly.

Quite frankly, most of the nutrisystem packages already come with snacks and desserts included.  You aren’t really paying that much extra for them when you buy them as part of a package.  And snack foods from the grocery store aren’t cheap.  So you may not be saving as much as you think and you may not get the weight loss that you want either. If you buy a package on special, the snacks will already be included, so you will be nothing.  Here is the latest special: Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

What Is Nutrisystem’s New Turbo Ten? What’s Included? How Much Does It Cost?

September 10th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: Nutrisystem’s fast five was very popular for a very long time. But, it appears that they’ve decided to retire that plan this year in lieu of the new plan, Turbo Ten. I’ve had people ask me how turbo ten is different from fast five and what you get with turbo ten. Here are the particulars:

Honestly, turbo ten is quite similar to fast five in that it is set up the same way. However, it is set up to help you lose 10 pounds and five inches in your first month. Now, 10 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, but I’m more impressed by the 5 inches. I find it harder to lose inches than pounds. On the new turbo ten plan, you get:

  • 21 meals meant to kick start your metabolism
  • 7 turbo shakes (these are protein shakes that contain probiotics which help with belly bloat and digestion.)
  • 7 nutricrush shakes (meant to help with hunger and cravings)

You are able to choose from over 150 popular choices plus free fed ex shipping. The price of the plan depends upon whether you’re going with the basic, core, or uniquely yours. However, as of this writing the plans are on sale. (I’ll post a coupon for $50 off at the end of this article.  Take advantage of it if you like.)  I will describe the plan and then tell you how much it costs currently. (Note that these prices were current when I wrote this, but prices do change sometimes.) The basic plan includes online resources and free shipping, but not the counseling. Plus the meals are selected for you, but it is the cheapest plan and has a great price point. (Currently priced at $269.99)

The core plan provides free counseling and the ability to hand pick your foods. (Being able to choose your own foods is necessary for many folks who consider themselves a little more picky.) The core plan is right at the middle in terms of expense. (Currently priced at $289.99.)

Uniquely Yours (this used to be the “select” plan) is the most expensive but it’s very popular because it allows you the frozen or gourmet foods which are very tasty. And unlike the select line, they now let you have as much frozen food in your package as you like. They don’t limit the amount of frozen meals anymore. You get the counseling and the ability to hand pick your meals with this plan also. (Currently priced at $334.99. Yes, this is more expensive, but if you look at the individual cost of the frozen meals, you will see that this price is very discounted and it’s a pretty decent deal. Plus this plan is the most popular and has the highest degree of satisfaction because you have more choices and the food is so good. Here’s the coupon code.  This is good for any of the plans (basic, core or uniquely yours.) Get $50 off plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

The Nutrisystem Success My Way A La Carte Plan. What is It? Is It Worth The Money?

September 8th, 2016

For the longest time, the only way to get access to a lot of the nutrisystem items for a reasonable price was to buy a package.  If you bought the items a la carte and paid per box or per item, the cost per item went up substantially, especially when you factored in the cost of shipping. Also, there were never any coupons or specials offered when you made a purchase a la carte. However, nutrisystem has recently introduced a new program called “success my way a la carte” which changes this somewhat.  You can now get substantial savings (and free shipping) whenever you buy an a la carte subscription service.  The cost of the service goes down as the amount of the time of your commitment goes up.  For example, a one month subscription is $29.99.  But three months is only $34.99. Six months is 49.99 and an entire year is $99.99.  For each month that you used this service, you’d get twenty percent off all a la carte items as well as free shipping.

This deal would work well for people who love (or suspect that they will love) very specific nutrisystem foods that will be ordered over and over again or for people who just want to add in or substitute nutrisystem items to their regular day on a regular basis.  I find that very often, popular a la carte items are the shakes, the desserts, the snacks, and the frozen items.  In the past, the shipping could really add up with these items, but since you get free shipping on an unlimited about of items, this would no longer be an issue.  So suddenly the high cost per item with a la carte is not quite so bad. Yes, there are the subscription fees, but if you plan to order quite a bit of food, it could still be worth it. You’d have to look up the price of the specific items that you want with shipping to see if this subscription service would save money.  I think that this is probably going to most applicable to people placing fairly large orders who are picky or specific eaters.  The service allows them free shipping and the discount no matter how many items they order and they can do this again and again.  Previously, the shipping costs and the higher cost per meal kept some people from trying some of the foods.  For some, this offer will prevent that.  For others, a package is still going to be the best deal.  You’ll generally always get more food for less money with a package.  But if a package doesn’t work for you, or you have some very specific needs to add in on top of your package, this may be worth a look. If it helps, here is the latest nutrisystem coupon: $25 Off Your First Two Orders.

What’s The Difference Between The Fast Five And Turbo Ten Plans On Nutrisystem?

September 7th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman:  There’s no doubt that when nutrisystem introduced their “fast five” plan in 2015, it was a runaway success.  With that plan, nutrisystem provided special foods meant to boost your metabolism so that you’d lose those first five pounds quickly.  They also provided shakes that became immensely popular (so popular that they ended up on the a la carte menu.)  Plus, the plan provided free counseling and free fed ex shipping. On top of the popularity of the plan, nutrisystem usually had it on some type of introductory special offer, making it a great deal.

So people were confused when nutrisystem phased out the fast five plan and phased in turbo ten.  I sometimes hear from folks who are still looking for fast five, but can only find turbo 10 and aren’t sure that this is what they want. They might say: “last year, I really wanted to sign up for fast five, but then I had some personal things happen in my life, so I delayed things.  Things have finally calmed down in my life and I am now ready to start nutrisystem.  But now I see that they are offering the turbo ten plan.  How is this different?  Is it as good?”

As best as I can tell, turbo ten is an update of fast five.  Essentially, they have added new foods, jazzed up the shakes a bit (added probiotics,) and are now indicating that you can lose 10 pounds and five inches in your first month (which is why it is now called turbo ten.)  It works in the same way as fast five – they send you specific foods and shakes meant to kick start your metabolism so that you will lose weight quickly.  They’ve also thrown in all of the incentives that fast five had (the free counseling, discounted price, and free shipping,) but they’ve included new foods and the labels have been redesigned so that they are easier to read.

Most people see turbo ten as an extension or improvement on fast five.   Perhaps the company saw how popular fast five was, but wanted to freshen it up and improve on it a bit.  But it’s totally the same idea and very similar to the first version.  If you liked what you saw from fast five, I’d suspect that you’d like turbo ten just as much.  The shakes, meals, and the way that the two plans work are very similar.  Here is the latest special for turbo ten: Turbo 10 – Lose up to 10lbs and 5 inches overall in your first month. Get Turbo10 with Free Turboshakes and Free Fedex Shipping

Can You Have Butter On Nutrisystem?

July 27th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: I often have people ask me if certain foods or additions are allowed on nutrisystem. People often do not want to have to give up their favorite foods and are looking for a way to still keep their favorites while remaining in compliance with the diet.

One item that I am asked about a lot is butter. And this is completely understandable. Butter adds flavor to just about anything. Plus, many people are interested in adding butter to their vegetable add ins to make them more palatable.

Someone might ask: “I usually have buttered toast for breakfast. And I will dip my broccoli in butter at my meals. I have also been known to fry foods in butter. Will I still be able to do this? This is important to me because I’m going to have a hard time eating the vegetables if I can’t.”

If you want to stay completely in compliance in the diet, you can have a butter substitute. In their grocery guide, nutrisystem lists butter substitute as an extra – meaning that you can have three servings of this per day. The particulars are that it is listed as non-hydrogenated oil spread. And the example brand given is benecol. But there are certainly others.   You just don’t want whatever  butter substitute you choose to include the hydrogenated oil. Many people like to use “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray or butter buds sprinkles. These are popular choices because they actually taste pretty close to real butter and they melt pretty well too.

The serving size of this is one tablespoon. So that gives you three tablespoons to work with in any given day. Now, I know that this person said she liked buttered toast, but you have to keep in mind that you will be eating a nutrisystem breakfast. They do offer a bagel so you could have a butter substitute on top of that. And you could certainly spray your broccoli with any substitute that you like. Or, you could melt the substitute and dip your vegetables into that.

I know that you would probably prefer real butter, but it’s much higher in fat. And you might be surprised at how far some of the substitutes have come. Many people find that they quickly become used to the substitutes – so much so that they come to find the real thing too rich when they go off of the diet.

No one expects for you to have dry toast, though. You may just have to experiment with which substitute you like best, but you can usually find something that’s quite acceptable. If you’d like to see the nutrisystem grocery guide on the nutrisystem website by following the link here: Jump-start your weight loss with the ALL-NEW FAST 5 – FREE with Nutrisystem My Way program!  The grocery guide is under the “tools and community” link. 

Nutrisystem 4th of July Independence Day Sale Of 2016 – $150 Off All Plans

June 29th, 2016

I always try to give every one a head’s up when I see a deep nutrisystem discount.  This is one of those times.  Starting today and until July 4th, nutrisystem is running a special where there are offering $150 off of ALL plans.  Here is where that leaves the pricing:  The basic plan is $224 with free shipping.  The core plan (where you can hand pick your foods) is $244.  And the uniquely yours plan with the gourmet frozen foods is $284.  All plans include free shipping. If you have been researching or considering nutrisystem for a while, this is quite a discount.  And it’s pretty generous of them to offer it on ALL plans, which isn’t always the case.  I’m pretty sure that this offer is only good through Independence Day.  Here is the link: Look Great this Summer and get $150 off at Nutrisystem during the 4th of July Sale!

Can Nutrisystem Foods Be Interchangeable?

June 22nd, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: I sometimes hear from people who are considering nutrisystem (or who have just ordered it) who aren’t sure what is supposed to happen when they get their foods. They aren’t sure if they have to eat their foods on a particular day or in a particular order.

Someone might ask something like: “do the nutrisystem meals come labeled as to which day you are supposed to eat them? Are you required to eat a certain breakfast paired with a specific lunch and dinner? If I choose a higher calorie dinner entree do I have to be careful to have a lower calorie breakfast? How does this work? Are the meals supposed to be interchangeable? Can I just pick any breakfast? Or do I have to do it in a certain order?”

You might be relieved to know that choosing your nutrisystem meals isn’t that complicated. You are able to grab whatever you feel like eating at the meal time that you are eating it.  Many people find it easiest to store their meals already divided. For example, they may have one pantry shelf for their breakfasts, one for lunches, one for dinners, and one for snacks and desserts. As it comes time for you to eat, you just choose the appropriate meal that looks good to you at that time. It may depend on what type of food you are most in the mood for. But you just grab the meal and you don’t have to worry about what else you have already eaten that day. As long as the company has provided you with the food, you’re going to be safe no matter what you choose from each category because they are relatively similar in terms of calories, fat, protein and carbs. Sure, some meals have a few more calories or fats than others, but generally it all evens out in the long run.

People sometimes ask if you can have lunches for dinners or desserts for snacks. Again, in the grand scheme of things, making these types of changes shouldn’t have a huge impact on your calorie intake for the day. The only thing that you will need to keep in mind is that if you make these types of swaps often, you may run out of dinners earlier than lunches or desserts earlier than snacks, depending upon what you are switching out. But I’m sure that all of the foods would be eaten eventually.

And it’s undoubtably better to shift around the foods and stay on the diet than switch around your meals and eat foods outside of the diet. But to answer the original concern, yes, the foods are mostly interchangeable. You don’t have to eat a certain breakfast at a certain time. You can choose whatever looks good to you for the day. That’s one aspect that makes the diet pretty easy.  You can read more about how nutrisystem works with this free, quick resource guide.  I keep all of the specials that nutrisystem is running on the right top of this blog.  Here is the best special right now, in my opinion: Get 40% off Every order plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free

Nutrisystem Turbo For Beginners

May 11th, 2016

By: Ava Alderman: It’s no accident that many folks who are new to nutrisystem are intrigued by and attracted to nutrisystem’s turbo ten plan.  Not only has the company deeply discounted the price, but they’ve also selected special foods to enhance your weight loss and to help you shed inches.  In addition, they’ve included popular shakes that are pretty expensive to order separately.

But with these additions, some people worry that the plan might take a lot of work or be complicated, especially if you are new to nutrisystem or haven’t researched it extensively.  People might wonder how an absolute beginner might approach this accelerated plan?  Do you need to keep track of your foods?  Is any special shopping involved?  Do you need to worry about exercise?  How does it all work?And how hard is it to keep track of it all?  Is it too much for someone not familiar with the program?

I actually think that turbo ten is a great starting point.  Nutrisystem always does most of the work for you.  Once you order your food, all you really need to do is choose which of the prepackaged foods to eat that day. Yes, you are asked to add in fresh sides.  But the company does a very good job of providing food lists with portion sizes.  And we’re not talking about large amounts of food here.  You are simply adding a piece of fruit or a serving of vegetables or dairy.  These are very small sides that should not require a lot of grocery shopping. The sides are simply meant to enhance the meal with fresh, healthy food.  But they are the accompaniment, not the meal.

The shakes (that are included for free in turbo 10) are consumed between meals.  You can also have a snack or a dessert and these are included in your package.  There is nothing that you have to figure out about any of this.  The inital “kick start” foods meant to encourage the weight loss (so that you get results in a short period of time) are included and their use is pretty self explanatory.  Basically if you eat anything in your package at the allotted time and add in the appropriate side, then you will be “safe” or in compliance and you don’t really need to think about anything else.  You don’t have to count calories or add points or anything like that.  These calculations have been done for you.

As far as exercise, the basic requirement is that you move for half an hour per day.  They aren’t really picky about this.  It can be done all at once or broken down.  For example, you can do fifteen minutes twice a day or twenty minutes at one point and ten minutes at another (as long as you’re getting half an hour per day.) You could also do it all at once if you wanted.  They aren’t talking about hardcore workouts either and no speciality equipment is required.  Brisk walking counts.  Biking counts.  This is a pretty easy requirement for most people to meet.

In short, turbo ten is not complicated and it offers many freebees and incentives that aren’t always available.  The free shakes are usually very popular and the price is very aggressive for an awful lot of food.  If you’ve wanted to try nutrisystem but were waiting for the right time, this might be it. Here is the latest special for turbo 10 Get $50 off plus Turboshakes and Fedex Shipping Free